Welcome Back from Spring Break!

What's Up in First Grade?

Important Events

Hello! I hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed spring break! I (Mrs. Holguin) had a wonderful time going to the Grand Canyon and other parts of Arizona while the lovely Senora Williams mostly rested and recovered from getting her wisdom teeth out...whoops...

So we are back from spring break and it is go time! I have lot of important information about the field trip in the box below but here are some other important dates and reminders.

Read-a-thon- The read-a-thon is winding down and any money raised is due next week. If you haven't had a chance to get started yet, there is still time! This new fundraiser is very similar to the walk-a-thon but with reading- students can call or talk in person to family or people in the community interested in sponsoring our students as they read by page, book or a one time donation. As a way to support this we will be have an Read-in day on FRIDAY.

For the read-in day students may wear pajamas or any other comfy clothes. They may bring one stuffed animal from home and any books from home that they would like to read. We will do half a day reading in spanish and half a day reading in english. Also I would like to apologize for the lack of communications in regards to the change of the pay 2 dress that was originally scheduled for today.

Homework for this week- due to back to spring break commotion we printed and yet did not give out the homework packet, so we will not only give it out tomorrow but extend the due date to next Monday. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Field Trip Information! VERY IMPORTANT!

So update for the field trip

Date 4/15- we will leave at 9:00 and return around 2:00.

We need to have a final list of chaperones and students that will be attending the field trip as soon as possible. If your student CANNOT attend the field trip, please let us know so that we do not include them in the final count as we have to prepay. So far for chaperones I have Betsy Struna, Jennifer Pickles, Erin Kirkendall, Shannon and Brian Hopkins as confirmed chaperones. If you sent me an email asking to go and I did not include you in the list I am sorry please just email me and I will add you! If you are Virtus certified and interested in coming, please let me know as soon as possible or we will sadly not be able to have you come.

I am working on getting the zoo membership payment question answered as soon as possible and will send out another SMORE with the answers to that question. Without a membership its 8$ per student which will also cover our exploratory session. For payment you can either bring cash or discuss it with me as I will have to do the payment in one transaction with the zoo.

We will send out the field trip permission slips on Wednesday in the yellow folders and they will need to be turned in by Friday if possible.

We are very excited for this hands on learning opportunity for all of our students as they finish up their animal reports in Spanish and are learning about different habitats and biomes in English, but we will need your help getting everything pulled together and your patience with us as we figure out the last details.