The Hobbit Project

Daniel Nguyen

"The Hobbit", Jrr Tolkien


Gandalf comes to Bilbo Baggins's ( a hobbit) house to invite him on an adventure. Bilbo declines, but Gandalf puts a mark on his door telling the company of thirteen dwarves to come to his house. They have a dinner in his house and also plan how to get to the mountain, the map, and including Bilbo Baggins. When he wakes up the next morning, he is happy that the dwarves left until he sees Gandalf and the message. Then he hurries to catch up to the group to join them on their adventure. Then the party gets captured by the trolls. Bilbo escapes and rescues the others. Gandalf saves them by distracting the trolls. After that, they meet Elrond. After while of traveling, they have to rest in a cave since a storm is coming. They get captured by the goblins. Gandalf and Thorin have special swords that the Goblins hate. Gandalf kills the Great Goblin with the sword. They escape but Bilbo has to deal with Gollum. They both have a riddle battle, and Bilbo asks an ordinary question so Bilbo wins the battle. He found a special ring that turns him invisible. He followed Gollum to the exit path so he could escape. He surprises the company by sneaking up to them and taking the ring off so they know that he is alive. They go to Beorn to get supplies since the goblins took their horses. Gandalf knows that Beorn doesn't like visitors so he tells a story and have the dwarves distract the story so the company could stay at his home for the night. Beorn Gives them horses, bows, water, and food to travel in the forest. He tells them not to stray off the path when in the forest. They see some eyes later in the forest that belong to spiders. The company gets captured except for Bilbo. He saves them by first distracting the spiders, then killing them. The company thanks him for saving them. They wander in the forest then get captured by the elves. Bilbo was invisible so he wasn't captured. He follows the elves to the palace. He stays there to look for a way out. He hears that the butler will serve wine to the king. Bilbo gets the keys and rescues the dwarves by putting them in barrels by the second way out of the palace. They make it to the Mountain. Bilbo says he will see what Smaug is doing in the mountain of treasures. He wakes the dragon up and has a conversation and angers him. Smaug then goes to the village to destroy it. But Bard kills Smaug with the black arrow. Bard then wants to claim part of the treasure of the Mountain. Thorin says it was stolen from the dwarves so Bard should not get any of the treasure. Bilbo steals the Arkenstone and gives it to Bard so there won't be a battle between them. Thorin gets angry at Bilbo and calls him a traitor. There is a battle of the Five Armies after that. The Eagles come and help the Goblins lose the battle. Gandalf gets ready for Bilbo to go home. He gives Bilbo some silver spoons and some gold to go home with him. The journey back is very sad for Bilbo since he wants to be home. When he arrives home, he arrives at a middle of an auction. The hobbits are selling his stuff. Bilbo ends up buying most of his stuff back and thinks that other hobbits stole his spoons. He loses his reputation even though he has dwarven, wizard, and elf friends.

Four quotes

  1. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?" Gandalf
  2. ''No you don't!" he heard Dori answering, "because the bacon knows that it will get back in the pan sooner or later ; and it is to be hoped we shan't. Also eagles aren't forks!"
  3. So silent was his going that smoke on a gentle wind could hardly have surpassed it, and he was inclined to feel a bit proud of himself as he drew near the lower door.
  4. "This think all devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountains down." Gollum

Two favorite characters

Thorin: He is stubborn. He doesn't like Bilbo until he saves Thorin. He is very bold. He has an unfriendly relationship with the Wood-elves. He appreciates Bilbo after he dies at the end since he realized that Bilbo was trying to spot a fight.

Smaug: He is a dragon. He stole the treasures from the dwarves. He is large, red, and has a huge coiled tail. He liked the way Bilbo riddled about his name. He is clever, armoured, and confident.

Theme of the Hobbit

Even though you may think you are ordinary, you may become very extraordinary through confidence and your mind.

The Ordinary World

He lives in a hole in the side of the Hill. He loves tea, his home, and enjoys the ordinary way of living.

The Call to Adventure

The dwarves and Gandalf tell him their plan for their adventure.

The Refusal to the call

He declines since he has no taste for adventures.

Meeting with the Mentor

His mentor is Gandalf and Gandalf thinks that Bilbo can travel with them and be a hero since he thinks that he needs a job and he fits the position of the fourteenth party member.

Cross the Threshold

When Bilbo agrees he will go and hurries to catch up to them. His fears are not over yet after this point.

Tests, Allies. and Enemies

The dwarves, Gandalf, the Goblins, Wargs, wolves. He has to rescue the dwarves from the spiders, from the elves, and has to talk to Smaug. It tests his courage.

The Approach

That Bilbo will sneak in and see what Smaug is up to.


When he walks into where Smaug is sleeping, he distracts him and makes him angry so he left to go for the village.

The Road Back

The journey back is very sad since there are troubles along the way and he wants to be at home.


He has to buy back his own stuff, they are at an auction and they think he is dead.

Return with the Elixir

No, he lost his reputation, he had become more Took side than Baggins side, it will affect his choices of living in his hobbit hole.