New Hampshire Colony

  • New Hampshire was founded in 1623.
  • Founded by William Penn- a very religious Quaker, a religious with liberal religious views.
  • New Hampshire was the 8th colony to be founded.
  • Was organized as an English royal colony, for nonviolence and social justice.

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  • Had jobs that involved fishing, cutting trees, and farming.
  • Was named after the county of Hampshire in southern England, by Captain John Mason. This colony was founded by England therefore it was named after a county in England.
  • 90% of the people in New Hampshire came from England.

  • New Hampshire joined with the other colonies to resist attempts by the British Parliament to impose taxes.
  • People who moved to New Hampshire brought diseases to America including yellow fever, smallpox, and diseases from parasites.
  • An Indian attack upon Dover in 1689. Indians broke into Major Waldron’s house and made for his bedroom. When Waldron heard yells, he woke up and scared the Indians back. They returned again, and while Waldron was trying to get other weapons, the Indians, a tomahawk knocked him down. The Indians then tied Waldron to a table, and each Indian took turns stabbing Waldron across the chest. Once he had enough and fell over, an Indian placed a sword underneath and took Waldron’s fall.

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