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January 2016 volume 1

Happy New Year

What better way to start off the New Year than with our Semi Annual Sale! The merch perch and content center are full of graphics and ideas of how to maximize this sale to kick start your business this year. This sale end on Thursday January 7th at 10pm central standard time so that means you have plenty of time to reach out to your best customers and to those you know who LOVE to get a great deal!

I know that some of these pieces are selling out fast and it is a great way to create urgency. You can also shop this sale with your alternate account (your customer account) to pick up some goodies to use a raffles, hostess incentives or last minute giveaways. Remember, for example, if you are buying a pair of $14 earrings with this account-it is really costing you $14-25% commission=$10.50 a pair.

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************NEW YEAR-NEW CHANGES************

Please fill out your goals for me here so we can work together to make sure you have a stellar 2016!

After much thought and consideration I am going to be making some changes starting on January 15th.

Everyone has access to the Merch Perch on your dashboard and I will begin posting all current promos, call links and any important information there.

However, if you are really interested in collaborating ideas and bonding as a team I want to see you really be a part of our Facebook Team Page. If you are not actively selling (have not had a sale from the previous month and/or haven't filled out a monthly goal sheet you will be removed from the Team Facebook Page for that month. I want to make sure that those who are vested in their business will be able to freely share ideas and really use this forum for coaching, development and empowering our fellow team members

So please join me for a fun, engaging, team experience! It only takes ONE SALE a MONTH and taking a few minutes for some GOAL SETTING!

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Merchandiser Incentives


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Melissa Wheeler

I'm still a Merchandiser just like you - but I'm here to help you grow your business and find your successes.