Persuasive Devices

Persuasive Writing in Popular Culture Advertising

Persuasive Writing

Authors engage in persuasive writing when they attempt to convince the audience of a particular point of view, to take a particular action, or in the case of advertising, to buy a certain product or service.

Advertisers use many techniques to get people to buy their products.

Snappy slogans e.g. Subway Eat Fresh

Exaggeration (Hyperbole) e.g. Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth

Intriguing questions e.g. What can you do with the new iPad?

Appealing adjectives e.g. velvety chocolate

Wordplay e.g. Use Tubb’s Margarine – it’s a spreading habit.

Tempting descriptions of benefits e.g. This product will change your life!

Children's Advertisements

Look at the techniques the following advertisements use to persuade people to buy their products or services. Answer the following questions.

  • Who is the ad trying to reach?
  • Is there a slogan?
  • What claims does the ad make?
  • What kind of adjectives are used?
  • Is there word play?
  • Is the ad effective? Do you want to buy what they are selling?
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Atlantis Bahamas Commercial 2015
Chuck E. Cheese's TV Commercial - Token Power - YouTube.
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Hunger Games Activity

We have been reading the book The Hunger Games. Create an advertisement made by the government of Panem for the games or any other product the people of Panem would use.
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