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September/October Newsletter 2018

Communicating to the Appleton North School Community

Dear North High School Families,

Thank you for a great start to the 2018-19 school year. It is truly amazing having all our students back to school making it an electric place to be. It is hard to believe, but Homecoming 2018 is right around the corner next week! We look forward to the exciting, spirit filled week ahead. Every year homecoming is full of many activities and events for our Appleton North School Community. We will continue our all school pep assembly in the stadium on Friday afternoon which includes a complete halftime show from our very own Lightning Marching Band and Performance Team. Friday evening’s football game versus Kaukauna should have plenty of fireworks during the game and after. Plan to stay for the fireworks show sponsored by the Appleton North Student Council after the game.

What is most inspiring is our students have once again played a huge role in planning these events, along with other fun activities that represent Appleton North. Our goal, along with our students, is to continue to add to the many positive traditions which have been a part of our school history. At the heart of all is our collective desire to foster “Lightning Pride” and a welcoming, fun, and positive atmosphere amongst students, faculty, and the greater North Community.

At North we uphold high expectations of behavior for all students and it’s our collective job to make sure we continue to educate and model what “Lightning Pride” really stands for. One area that we continue to stress with our student leadership and parent groups is the expectation of appropriate dancing at the homecoming dance. Inappropriate behavior isn’t allowed during the school day at North nor will it be allowed during a school sponsored dance. Our goal is to be proactive and get out in front of this issue so that students aren’t removed from what is going to be a great end to Homecoming 2018 Saturday night. This year students and parents will be asked to sign a FORM before purchasing dance tickets stating we understand that inappropriate behavior at the dance could result in school discipline and may lead to a code of conduct violation. Additional forms can be found in the Main Business Office. If a student is asked to leave for dancing inappropriately, an Appleton North Administrator will call you immediately to let you know. Again, our students and faculty have worked hard to provide a week filled with diverse opportunities to promote school spirit and student involvement. We need your help and continued support to make this year’s Homecoming Week the best one yet! Please discuss this communication with your son/daughter so we are all on the same page.


David Pynenberg, Principal

North High School Office Hours

The Appleton North Offices are open every day students are in attendance between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

New Enhanced Security Measures for North High School

In an effort to strengthen our security procedures at North High School we have instituted a few new procedures that students and parents should be aware of.

  • This past year we began asking students to show their ID when entering the building after school began at 7:30 am. Typically students left for an appointment, class, or lunch off school grounds. In order to re-enter the building students showed their ID to verify they were a North student. Those students that did not possess an ID were asked to walk around to the front of the school and enter through the Student Services entrance where they would be verified as a student of North. We will continue this procedure this year so it is very important that students carry their current student ID with them every day when attending school.
  • We will also be incorporating electronic locks on the business office and student services doors in the near future. Many of you have experienced this when stopping by your student’s elementary or middle school in the past. Similar to this we will be asking visitors to “buzz” into the school by pressing a buzzer and being visually verified on camera. Please be patient as we involve this new procedure in order to strengthen our security services. This buzz in procedure will occur after 7:30 am as well.
  • There will be three locations which will be visually supervised when students enter and exit the school. These locations are the business office, student services, and commons door areas. These three areas are the only doors we are allowing students to enter and exit the school. Other doors will be securely locked for student safety.

Meet and Greet - Monday, September 17th @ 6:30 PM

"Meet and Greet" event (formerly “Parent Back-to-School Night”) will give all parents (Grades 9-12) a better understanding of your child’s school day, provide you an opportunity to meet their teachers, and send a powerful message to your child that you value their educational experience. We highly encourage all parents to attend. Please mark your calendar for this event. A map will be provided at your arrival. North’s Link Crew student leaders will be in the hallways all evening to help you find your way to classes.

Students will be receiving a printed copy of their schedule with all the Meet and Greet Information on the backside. These will be handed out to your child on Friday, September 14th during homeroom. Please bring this copy with you to the Meet and Greet on Monday.

Freshman Teams will meet from 6:00 - 6:25 PM prior to the Meet and Greet Bell Schedule.

Bell Schedule for Back to School Night

1st Hour: 6:30 - 6:45

2nd Hour: 6:50 - 7:00

3rd Hour: 7:05 - 7:15

4th Hour: 7:20 - 7:30

5th Hour: 7:35 - 7:45

6th Hour: 7:50 - 8:00

7th Hour: 8:05 - 8:15

8th Hour: 8:20 - 8:30

Homecoming 2018

Appleton North High School will be celebrating Homecoming 2018 the week of

September 17 - 22. Homecoming is full of activities during the week for students.

Please see the attached SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES from our principal, Mr. Pynenberg and Homecoming Chair, James Kane.

Parent Organization Meetings

Parent Organization Meetings provide the North administration team with the opportunity to meet with parents and provide information about programs, procedures and receive input regarding parent concerns.

The Agenda for September 24 meeting will specifically cover the Grading For Learning Initiative, and how Career & Life Skills will be recorded out this school year.

All parents/guardians are welcome to attend. Please contact Peggy Weber in the Main Business Office with questions 832-4300 ext. 6506.

Meetings will be held @ 6:30 p.m. on Mondays, 9/24, 11/26, 1/28, 2/11 and 4/22 in the Lightning Room.

News from the North's School Counseling Department

School counselors are partners in academic achievement and work in concert with teachers, administrators, and other personnel in your student’s life to ensure that they have what they need to be successful. Like teachers, AASD school counselors have a set of curriculum standards and benchmarks they use to ensure that all students learn and become able to demonstrate. Here is a snapshot of the 2018-19 curriculum.

The following LINK shares valuable information on all grade academic and career planning seminars.

Volunteers Needed!

North Parents, we are looking for volunteers to help in a variety of areas at North High School. Please consider signing up through this LINK. Thank you!

FVTC Open House

Students interested in exploring Fox Valley Technical College can attend their annual Open House on Tuesday, October 2 from 3-7pm.

Pay no application fee!

Apply for admission during the Open House and they will waive the $30 application fee.

Come and explore the 200+ programs!

Questions? Please contact Ann Seubert @

P.A.R.T.Y. at the PAC

On Thursday, October 4th @ 8:45 a.m., the 10th grade students from our school district will be attending the P.A.R.T.Y (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) program at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. This program is provided through a grant from the Appleton Medical Center Foundation and Theda Clark Medical Center Foundation and helps students realize the consequences of risk taking behaviors and empowers them to make wise choices.

For more detailed information, schedule, and opt-out form click HERE.

PSAT Exam - Important Testing Date Information

PSAT Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

What is the PSAT??

  • Practice test for the SAT
  • Enter National Merit Scholarship Competition (Juniors Only)
  • Assess your skills in critical reading, math and writing skills
  • Get specific suggestions on how to improve your skills
  • Compare your academic skills with those of other college bound students
  • Get college information and career information

For further information please click on LINK

Student Service News

What does Student Services do?

  • Student Sign In/Out of School
  • Questions about attendance record
  • Health related issues
  • Question/issues with locker or padlock
  • Need to speak with a Dean
  • Questions about disciplinary action (detentions, etc.)
  • Report a student related problem or concern
  • Sent out of class for inappropriate behavior
  • Apply for a work permit (Under 16 years of age only)
  • Lost and found
  • Drop an item off for a student
  • Bus transportation questions
  • Return to school after an out-of-school suspension

You must sign into the Main Business Office if you plan on going into school for

any school business. Thank you from the Student Services Team!

Big picture

Appleton Area School District New Wellness Policy

Effective the 2018-2019 school year, the District has a new Wellness policy for students. Here is a copy of the LETTER explaining the new policy on the District website.

Appleton North Student Assistance Program

In an effort to promote a healthy school environment, the Student Assistance Program works in several ways. It not only provides a prevention element by educating students to make good decisions about the use of alcohol and drugs; but, also provides an early identification and intervention for students having chemical abuse or misuse problems that can impede success in school.

For more information contact the Abby Vanderloop

or call 832-6528

2019 Spring Spain Trip Information

Are you interested in experiencing the wonders of Spain while using your Spanish skills? The 2019 spring Spain trip final fall registration deadline is Friday, September 14th. This 15-day travel opportunity, organized through Language and Friendship, is lead by Appleton North Spanish teachers during an extended spring break in late March/early April of 2019. It is open to students with Junior or Senior standing that are currently enrolled for both semesters of the school year in level 4 Spanish or higher. More information about the trip can be found here at this link to an informational presentation. Please contact your Spanish teacher if you have questions or would like enrollment materials.

School Nurse news...


Medications should be administered at home whenever possible. Parents/guardians are urged to consult with the prescribing practitioner to determine if medications can be scheduled outside school hours. In the event that this is not possible, designated district staff will administer medication according to district policy. Medication forms may be obtained from the school office or from the AASD website:


· Current Administration of Medication Consent form (for medications administered by school staff in Guidance Office) OR Authorization of Self-Administration of Medications form (for students self-administering) signed by parents and the prescribing practitioner must be on file.

· The prescription medication must be supplied in the original pharmacy-labeled package indicating the correct dosage and frequency of administration. This information must be the same as provided on the above noted form. Only the amount of medication needed at school shall be contained in the package.

· If changes in the dosage take place, an updated Administration of Medication Consent form, and an updated pharmacy-labeled package will be required.

· Parents are encouraged to deliver the package of medication to the school office to prevent tampering by the child and other students.

· Unused portions of medication after the completion of the school year or when discontinued will be disposed of after 7 days if not picked up by the parent.

· If a parent wishes their child to possess and self-administer medication a completed form is required.


· Current Administration of Medication Consent form (for medications administered by school staff in Guidance Office) OR Authorization of Self-Administration of Medications form signed by parents must be on file.

· Medication must be supplied in the original manufacturer’s package with the student’s name affixed on the package. Other packages, such as a baggie filled with pills, will not be accepted.

1. Healthy Kids - Does Good Attendance Matter? - see LINK for article

2. Is your Child Well Enough to Go to School? - see LINK for article

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

North High School will be using an online scheduling system, My Conference Time, to schedule conferences ahead of time. Link will be available to sign up starting Sunday, October 7th @ 8:00 PM

Wednesday, October 17th from 3:30 - 8:30 PM

Monday, October 22nd from 3:30 - 8:30 PM

For planning purposes, spring Parent Teacher Conference will be Monday, March 18th from 3:30 - 8:30 PM

Staff Appreciation Dinner

Please sign up through Singup Genius LINK to volunteer to help, bring items for meal, or contribute financially to the meal.

This is an awesome opportunity to show your support to the North Staff!

Library News

We have a new Library Media Specialist, Kam Simonis, this year at North High School.

Check out the latest information from the Library with this LINK.

North High School Theatre Department - Haunted House

The North High School Theatre Department Presents


A Night to Dismember 2018

The North High School Theatre Department will present its nineteenth annual Haunted House—“A Night to Dismember--2018” in the school auditorium—Friday, October 26th from 1:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 P.M. to 10 P.M. and Saturday, October 27th from 1:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 P.M. to 10 P.M.. Admission is $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 12. Tickets are available at the door.

This year’s house will include many new rooms and hair-raising surprises. Over 100 members of North’s Drama Club create the spine-chilling cast of characters that inhabit the house. The popular non-scary flashlight tours will continue to be available during all hours the house is open for younger children or those “weak of heart.” Carnival games, a mini-inflatable haunted house for little ones, a costume contest, and a bake sale in the commons will also be featured. Proceeds from the haunted house will help fund theatre activities and productions at North. Ron Parker, North theatre director and Drama Club advisor states, “We’re very proud to be one of the oldest and longest-running Halloween attractions in the area. We’ve been told over and over that “A Night to Dismember” is one of the best values and most enjoyable haunted houses in the Fox Valley. Patrons get more scare for their money. The students have a great time planning and designing the rooms that make up the house. We have an advantage of being located our theatre, which allows us to utilize theatrical effects. And, of course, the house is filled with theatre students who find a perfect outlet for their talents. Everyone has a great time.” For further information, contact Ron Parker, theatre director at 832-4300 or e-mail at

BOLT - Boosters of Lightning Theatre



Come check out BOLT and see how BOLT volunteers have fun helping the students succeed in the Appleton North Theatre Program.

Our next meeting will be October 9 6:30-8pm in Mr. Parkers Room #1118.

The Agenda will include all details and volunteer opportunities for The Haunted House October 26, 27 and the State One Act Competition in November. BOLT volunteers help with Costumes, Concessions, Construction, Ticket Sales, Publicity, Student Rehearsal Meals, Fundraising. Please contact Mark Cain, BOLT President for more info at

Appleton North Senior Portrait Information

Senior pictures for the yearbook

Due: Wednesday, October 31

Pictures must follow these requirements:

  • Head and shoulders only (no full body or laying down)

  • No hands, raised arms or silly faces in the frame

  • No props, hats, friends, pets, etc.

  • Clothing must be school appropriate - no strapless tops, crop tops, shirts with drug or alcohol references.

  • A traditional (neutral) background – outdoor shots are acceptable as long as the background is not distracting or bold.

  • Photo must be in color (no black and white)

  • Photos must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI

  • Portrait orientation is preferred (landscape doesn’t always work)

  • Pictures must be at least a standard wallet size with a measurement from eyebrow to chin of ¾”.

We reserve the right to reject photos that do not meet our yearbook expectations.

Getting your picture to North High School:

  • Area studios generally send photos directly to school.

Please check with your studio to make sure that has been done!

  • Digital copies are required –

  • email: Do not shrink the file size. It should be at least 1MB for us to use.

  • The Replay It app may be used to upload photos. Directions are on the North website in the “Yearbook” tab. Photos MUST be tagged “senior photo” and with the student’s name.

  • If you only have a hard copy of the photo, you may use the district printer to scan a copy of the photo as a jpeg image. Make sure it is at least 300dpi and scanned in color. The photo will then be sent to your email account and can be forwarded to the email above.

Any questions, please contact the yearbook advisor:

Michelle Ehlers

or call 832-4300

Winter Sport Start Dates

Boys Hockey: Monday, November 5th

Girls Basketball: Monday, November 5th

Boys Basketball: Monday, November 12th

Wrestling: Monday, November 12th

Boys Swim and Dive: Monday, November 12th

Appleton North Artisan Faire

Saturday, November 10th from 9:00 - 3:00 p.m.

See LINK for details.

Senior Prom 2019

The date fro the 2019 AASD Senior Prom has been determined! Please mark your calendar for Saturday, April 20th.

Each year, the committee looks for people to assist with all the work that goes along with this event, if you are interested, please email to

Attached is an important LETTER from Judy Baseman, AASD Superintendent, regarding information and details on this year's prom.

Booster Club Update

Want to Booster Appleton North? Join us today!


The Booster Club is a non-profit fundraising organization set up to support the financial needs of ALL Appleton North athletics that aren’t covered by the district. Since its inception in 1999, the Booster Club has disbursed over $1,000,000 to the Appleton North athletic programs.


  1. Membership: We invite all parents of North athletes to consider being a member. Annual memberships at all levels make a significant contribution to our goals. You can view the membership brochure at and either mail in your form or pay using our new paypal button!

  2. Fundraising Activities: The Artisan Faire, Annual Summer Golf Outing, and Concession Sales are our 3 main fundraising activities. You can be involved with all of these by going to our website to sign up. Our athletes thank you!!!

North Lightning Yard Signs - Order one for your student now!

All Activities / Not just sports

Show Your North Lightning Pride in your neighborhood!

To get order form or info: Contact David Robinson at 920.883.0322 or

* Outdoor yard signs (20" in diameter) made with durable, galvanized metal and a permanent, powder-coat finish.

* Signs display “North Lightning”, with school logo in center.

* Includes 1 personalized name plate with name & graduation year. An additional name plate can be added.

* Add sport/activity specific removable Decals – including athletics, music, drama, service clubs. Decals can be added during each Fall and Spring Order window.

* Can be mounted on a stake (provided with the order) and placed in your yard OR hung on a door or wall (indoors or outdoors). If Hanging indoors, wall bracket does not hold name plates.