San Miguel Bulletin

April 4-8th

Instructional Focus-Academic Discourse Routines

Watch the two short videos (2 min each) and try incorporating these two very simple engagement and academic discourse strategies

Weekly Schedule

Library Schedule- Rosalinda Ventura

4/4 Monday

  • Kinder Registration Continue 2016-2017 School Year
  • K-2 Unit 4 Begins
  • Writing 3rd-5th Opinion Writing
  • 5th Grade SDMA-Decker/Bradley
Leave at 8:30 9:00-11:30, Board bus BY 12:00, Return to school 12:20 pm

8:00 Re-Entry Meeting

2:00 Student Meeting-DR

4/5 Tuesday

PAC 7:35 am

SST Day 8:00 AC 8:30 CD 9:00 JZ 9:30 IF 10:00 BM

10:30 MN 11:00 DZ 11:30 DZ 12:00 MP 12:30 AL 1:00 SS 1:30 IM

5th Grade SDMA-Decker/Bradley 8:30-12:20 pm

Ballet (8:30-10:30) Cafeteria

2:20 Glee Club

4:00 GITC- Art Studio

4:30-7:00 Superintendent's Meeting

4/6/16 Wednesday-Happy Birthday Tonya Harvell!

Fire Up Your Feet Flyer to Go Out

7:30 SST EA

Collaboration A

Writing -Calibrations and Grading Times

2:30 Staff Meeting-School Safety meeting

3:30 Interviews -HR

4/7/16 Thursday

9:00 Behavior Meeting Heidi/Edna/Summer

2:20 BIP-Suzuki, Buehl, Locke (optional)

3:30 Management Meeting at DO (Heidi)

Young Audiences

8:30 Music with Decker/Cafeteria

9:30 Music with Stowe/Cafeteria

10:30 Theatre with Bruner/Cafeteria

4/8/16 Friday-

7:30 CL IEP

8:15 Social Worker Meeting- Edna Off Campus

11:35 TOSA Meeting

1:40 Heidi Off Campus

2:20 GLEE Club


Happy Birthday Gloria Ferreira!

New Media Specialist- Rosalinda Ventura

Welcome, Welcome!

Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Rosalinda Ventura to our staff. She is the new Media Specialist and will be joining us Monday 4/4. She will need a few days to get situated, and then we will re-open the Media Center for business. A follow up email will accompany this email early on in the week with more details.

Arts Attack

To try it out go to the link, below, choose ACCOUNT from the TOP DROP DOWN Menu and select LOGIN.

Login = sanmiguel050

Password = create4013

Behavior Expectations Review

Welcome Back!

Please review all basic behavior Expectations- This means ALL routines and procedures need to be reviewed step by step, with praise for positive behaviors observed.

Basic Behavior Expectations · Classroom · Playground

· Zero Tolerance

2015-2016 Complete Calendar:

Restorative Topics- Restorative Practices Getting Acquainted Again

Getting Acquainted

Take time this week for 3 Community Circles

· Share a happy childhood memory.

· If you could be a superhero, what super powers would you choose and why?

· How would your best friend describe you?

· What would you not want to change about your life?

· If you could talk to someone from your family who is no longer alive, who would it be and why?

· If you had an unexpected free day, what would you like to do?

· If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

· Name two things or people who always make you laugh.

· I like to collect….

· If you could have a face to face conversation with anyone, who would it be and why?

· Describe your ideal job.

· Describe your favorite vacation.

· If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

Assessments and Pacing Guide

Writing 3rd-5th -Opinion Writing


Opinion Writing Task C

Read Works, Learn Zillion

LGSD Prompt #1 (to Measure Growth)

5th Grade PE Testing

4/3- 4/24/16

4/24/16 Due to Heidi

CAASPP SM Site Schedule

More information about CAASPP will come in March/April

Blue Inspect for K-2 ONLY

May 23rd- June 1st

SM Music Listening

Music Listening Week 27 - V drive.

We move from this week's beautiful cello concerto to an instrument with much more presence, the trumpet. The video for later in the week features one of our greatest American musicians, Winton Marsalis, playing a very technically difficult piece.

Curious about Increasing Reading Stamina for our Students? Check this out!

Need Typing Skills? Send this link to students at HOME for extra practice...

Please do not use at school during instructional time... thank you.