Las Vegas Tragedy

BREAKING NEWS THAT OCCURRED In Las Vegas, teenage hacker, Sam Wilson, is walking the streets after "Vegas", a huge virus taking over servers all across Vegas. Sam then is hired into the C.D.D. (Cyber Defense Division), to help fight Vegas. Then mysteriously, one of his friends suffers a mental breakdown. Sam and his friend Dodge, are hot on the culprit's trail then, Dodge becomes a victim to the culprit's attack, and Sam falls in to blame. Now with the help of a friend they set out to find the culprit. But the predator has too much power. we WONDER AND think what will happen next to these kids NEXT !!!!! these r the questions tht got me

Movie Reviews !!!!!

Nathans Rates this movie 5 stars out of 5 he says The future of computers has arrived! The euro headset allows you to operate computers as fast as you can think! But what happens when you link millions of minds to the most powerful network in the world? Could the human subconscious control itself? Could it create without realizing? Could it destroy? Kate Rates this movie 4 stars out of 5 "In a dystopian near-future, neuro-headsets have replaced computer keyboards. Just slip on a headset, and it's the Internet at the speed of thought. For teen hacker Sam Wilson, a headset is a must. But as he masters the new technology, he has a terrifying realization. If anything on his computer is vulnerable to an attack, what happens when his mind is linked to the system? Could consciousness itself be hacked? These are the questions that got me. Rachael Rates this movie 5 stars out of 5 and says i especially love that they chose to pick Logan Leman to play Sam Wilson

Sams Big Mistake

Seventeen-year-old hacker Sam Wilson can't wait to get his hands on a neuro. But after pulling off the biggest hack in recent history, Sam faces time in a juvenile detention center for white collar criminals. Or does he? After a daring escape, Sam learns that he actually just passed a test earning him a top secret job in the Cyber Defense Division of Homeland Security. There, Sam discovers that the greatest threat to the United States since Vegas comes from the most unlikely source of all.

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