Boy Nobody!

Nadia McKinney

Brief Summary

Sixteen-year-old Boy Nobody, an assassin controlled by a shadow government organization, the program, considers sabotaging his latest mission because his target reminds him of the normal life he craves.

List of Characters:

  • Zadoff Allen (Main Characters)
  • Jack (Character)
  • Rich ( Character)
  • Mike ( Main)

Character Analysis for Mike

Trait 1: Mike is the best friend he was the new guy in school.

Trait 2: He is the new guy who everyone loves.

Evidence: He likes vampire stuff and no action,adventure.

Quote from or about character

he is so cool at his school he is loved and does not seem new to everyone they say.


New York, in a High school.

Important Event (Briefly Summarize)

Jack & Mike are best friend,they go jogging and running,

they eat and do sport together,they are the best of friends.


All young high school students.