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Dates are targeted for TK-2 families, however all families are invited. More dates will be added for the week of April 12. Thank you!

UELF Hybrid Social Story

Here is a slideshow of what Hybrid Learning will look like for students at school and at home.

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Hybrid Learning Schedule

The UELF Community has been divided into two cohorts, AM Cohort and PM Cohort. Within each cohort, there are students learning from home and students learning at school. During the Cohort time, the class will work together on learning and community building activities. During the other windows, students will work on independent class work.


Attendance is taken based on your child's participation in the cohort. IF your child is a distance learner, then attendance is taken when your child logs into the googlemeet and when the classwork is submitted. IF you child is a hybrid learner, then attendance is taken when your child is in class. On Wednesdays, all students have attendance taken when they participate in their morning meet and submit the classwork for that day.

IF your child is not participating in school because of sickness, family necessity please call the school so the absence can be recorded with the reason. IF this phone or email is not made, then your child may be marked for truancy. Thank you for communicating with us so that we can better serve your child's needs.

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Every morning that your child enters the UELF Campus for more than 15 minutes, for example a school day or an on-site activity, the family needs to provide a health wellness check through CrisisGo. This programs allows us to have daily communication with families about the health of their children. Every person, students and UELF Staff, are completing this survey so that the overall health of our community is transparent.

Your child will be provided an iPass Badge that will be used to verify the wellness check has been completed each morning at an iPad station. The student goes through a temperature/thermal scanner. IF the wellness check is not completed, then the parent will be contacted while the student waits for the verification to occur over the phone.

I recognize this is an added task to an already busy time, however this is to ensure the transparency of communication between home and school around health. Every staff member is completing this form each morning, plus tracing what rooms they visit on site. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Returning for Elementary Hubs at CRPUSD

If you do not receive an email for CrisisGo, you can use this link to submit a student health check.

Tracing & Cleaning Protocols

Every time a student or staff members enters the UELF school site, the persons complete a CrisisGo. Every time a staff member enters and leaves a room, the staff member certifies through CrisisGo. Every evening, the rooms at UELF that have tracing of students and staff being in those rooms get disinfected with a cleaner and sanitized with a fogger.

Between each hybrid cohort, the classrooms are disinfected using the Purell Disinfectant cleaner and Lysol wipes. Students will be using disinfectant gel/foam when they enter and leave the classroom, plus if/when they use the bathroom they will have access to soap and running water.

Using the Wolfbucks and words of positive reinforcement, the staff will celebrate students being mindful and conscientious of keeping our hands clean.

School Drop Off

Students will be dropped off at the entry point, then the student will walk to the Check-In Station where the students will scan their badge. If the family completed CrisisGo and the student is healthy, then the badge will show green. If CrisisGo was not completed, then the badge will show gray/blue. If the survey shows the student is not feeling healthy, then the badge will show yellow or red. If any color shows besides green, then the student will wait for the office to call home.
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School Pick-Up

Every student will be provided with two laminated namecards that can be placed in the windshield of the car. When the car drives up into the parking lot, then UELF Staff will communicate via Walkie Talkie that the family is there to pick-up the student. Teachers will escort their class to the locations shown in the map below so families know where they can find their student/s. IF the student walks or rides a bike to school, then students will be able to make their way home. If the family selects a different pick-up spot, then students will be allowed to walk to those locations.

Students will NOT be allowed to walk through the parking lot. Students will remain on the parking lot sides of the parking lot.

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UELF Questions About Hybrid

Will the students be having breaks and snacks?

-Since the instructional block of time at school is 2 1/2 hours, there are no set scheduled snack breaks or recess, however teachers are planning instruction with breaks throughout the time, which includes time outside. We are sending students home with a snack and a meal to be eaten at home.

Will the students be on the play structure?

-Teachers are signing up for times to use the UELF outdoor space, like the play structure, garden, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Ladybug Park, the field, etc. There will not be a set play structure play time.

Usually my kids and I play on the play structure after school, is his allowed?

-Unfortunately, students need to leave the school when school is out. We are seeking to minimize the number of people on campus so socializing and hanging out is not allowed. Ladybug Park is available for families to use.

We usually walk or ride our bikes to school, is this still allowed?

-Yes! Please walk bikes and scooters once on campus. Please enter the school through the parking lot side so that all students can be checked in using their QR Badge and get their temperatures checked.

Does my child need to bring his/her device?

-Depends. Some classes are using the devices for communication and sharing ideas, however some classes are not using their devices at all. I strongly recommend that you read your teachers' weekly newsletter for this class specific information. If your child is going to multiple locations, like school to daycare or your office, then use the backpack to be the tool to move from place to place.

UELF Return to School Informational Meeting

Use the slidedeck and the video linked within the slidedeck to learn more about what it will look like to return to UELF. The video is in English and Spanish.