Candidates Stances on Education

2016 Presidential Election

Compelling Question

What is the Presidential Candidates Stances on Education?

Supporting Questions

What are their stances on EC-6 education? What are the candidates most pressing issues as it relates to education?

Background Information


There are a few important issues when it comes to Education: Common Core, Universal Pre-K, No Child Left Behind, and school vouchers.

Common Core is broad descriptions of the skills students should have at each grade level specifically in math and english by the time they complete high school. These standards, create a controversial debate because the potential threats are: it interferes with states educational activities, aptitude tests required because of the stress on the students. The positives is that it can address declining education achievements in the United States by having the standard expectations for every state. Parents support of this has been declining in the recent years.

Universal Pre-K is the use of public funding to ensure high quality preschool is available for all families regardless of the child's abilities and family income.

No Child Left Behind was passed in 2001 that sets the law for every public school (K-12) in the United States. The goal of this is to achieve an equal playing field for students with any disadvantages. This law holds schools accountable for academic achievement through annual testing while also penalizing schools who do not meet their standards.

School Vouchers are created by state governments that use public funds that are given to parents to pay their child's tuition in private schools. This is a reimbursement for what the cost to educate their child in public school. There are only 12 states along with D.C. that use voucher systems. Vouchers typically range from $2000 to $5000 to cover full tuition. The money is transferred from the government to the private school.

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  • Hillary Clinton, Democrat

-Supports Common Core and No Child Left Behind

-investing in Head Start Programs, providing quality preschools for every four year old

-Provide available resources to students with disabilities

  • Ted Cruz, Republican

-Opposed to Common Core and believes education should be at local/state level.


  • John Kasich, Republican

- Supports Common Core, School Vouchers and local control.

-In Ohio he has implemented programs for EC-6 students: third grade reading guarantee, school vouchers, and lowering drop out rates.

  • Bernie Sanders, Democrat

- Supports Universal Pre-K, Against No Child Left Behind

  • Donald Trump, Republican

-Supports local level control, Against Common Core

Important take aways for the 2016 Presidential Candidates on Education


The next President has the potential to positively or negatively impact the world of education. He or she will affect the world in every way and as a teachers we should be educated on who is going to invest into the lives of our children of the future.

What I Learned

  • 2016 Presidential Candidate Stances on Hot Education Topics
  • How school vouchers work in the 12 states.
  • Positive and Negative Aspects of Common Core


  • Get educated about the Presidential Candidates.
  • Don't listen to other views--form your own opinion first.
  • Do your research with reliable sources!
  • Watch debates on the news.
  • Go to candidates conventions when they come near you.
  • Never speak with a bias to students.