The Hero


Q: What is your goal in life ?

A: To be successful

Q: What have you done to reach this goal so far ?

A: Try my best at everything and not give up.

Q: Is your goal reached ?

A: So far it is.

Q: If not what can you do to reach this goal ?

A: Try even harder.

Lotus Eaters Island

Q: Has something ever distracted you from your goal ?

A: Not really just small things like my friends.

Q: What would you say are some major life distractions ?

A: My hobby and playing video games.

Cyclops Island

Q: What things are you proud of doing in life ?

A: Being in drum-line

Q: Have you ever had too much pride ?

A: No not really.

Q: Is excessive pride a bad thing ?

A: yes because it is annoying.

Q: What are some major obstacles in life ?

A: I don't have any. well not yet.

The Sirens

Q: Are there dangers in life's temptations ?

A: Yes there are.

Q: Have you ever been tempted to do something you didn't want to do ?

A: Yes.

Q: How can you resist life's temptations ?

A: By ignoring them.

Scllya and Charybdis

Q: What is a big decision you have been faced with ?

A: Which friend to choose.

Q: How did you make this decision ?

A: I choose the one that is more fun and not annoying.

Q: Do you regret your decision ?

A: no cause he was a huge jerk.

Q: How did this life decision impact your life ?

A: I'm no longer friends with him.

Q: Have you ever had to make a choice for someone else ?

A: yes many times.

The Cattle of The Sun God

Q: Have you ever had a disloyal friend ?

A: Yes but not anymore.

Q: Has someone ever let you down ?

A: yes many times.