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Week of May 30, 2016

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Monday, May 30

Memorial Day - No School!

Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday Bell Schedule

4th Period Exam: 8:20-9:38

1st Period: 9:44-10:32

2nd Period: 10:38-11:26

3rd Period (Lunch): 11:26-1:06

  • A Lunch: 11:26-11:56
  • B Lunch: 12:01-12:31
  • C Lunch: 12:36-1:06

5th Period: 1:12-2:02

6th Period: 2:08-2:56

7th Period: 3:02-3:50

Back Up Your Schoology Courses

1. Save all of your materials to your resources.

  • First, go to resources > personal > then click on "add collection" (red arrow right)
  • Name your collection "Course Name 15-16 Resources" and save by clicking "create".
  • Next, go back to your course and decide what you want to save! Save to resources by clicking on the gear next to each resource you want to save and select "save to resources" and select the folder you created in the previous step.
  • Next year, you will be able to go into your collection and copy any or all resources to your new course.
  • It's good to know that if you save complete folders, all content within the folders is saved when you save to resources!

2. Access from archived.
    • If the steps above seem too cumbersome, you can count on seeing your course from this year in archived courses at the BOY next year. You will gain access to the complete course in or around August by clicking on courses > see all > archived.

Also, know that these steps may change slightly if there is a decision to execute some change to the entire district system to save educators time. Be on the lookout for documentation at the end of the year for the most simple way - but as of right now, this is it!

Faculty Works Until 7:00pm

Wednesday, June 1

Wednesday Exam Schedule

3rd Period: 8:20-9:35

2nd Period: 9:45-11:00

1st Period: 11:10-12:25

Lunch: 12:25-1:00

Lunch for all learners will be from 12:25-1:00. Buses will leave at 1:15.

Faculty Dinner 5:00pm

Thursday, June 2

Thursday Exam Schedule

5th Period: 8:20-9:35

6th Period: 9:45-11:00

7th Period: 11:10-12:25

Lunch: 12:25-1:00

Lunch for all learners will be from 12:25-1:00. Buses will leave at 1:15.


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End of Year Checkout Procedures

End of Year Failure Report


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10 Tools for Creating Digital Portfolios

Thinking of utilizing digital portfolios to curate the work of your learners and easily track their progress over the course of the year? Check out these 10 tools for creating digital portfolios!

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Schedule a Learning Walk

  • View the master list here.
  • Use this optional form to guide your reflection during/after each learning walk.
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ESL Certification Information

From Mr. Jasso:

I email to provide you with information related to our ESL certification discussion in the English Department meeting this morning. A reminder that CISD is moving towards improved service for ESL students through English instruction. This means that new hires, as well as current staff, will be required to obtain ESL certification by the Spring of 2017. CISD will pay for one exam fee for each teacher impacted (you can elect to take the digital test). The cost of updating your certification status with SBEC would be paid by the teacher, however. Below are resources to help you learn more about this certification and resources to help you prepare for this exam.

Test and Certification FAQs

Study Materials

Register from the Exam

We will pursue face to face training for interested teachers and provide that time and date when available. Thank you again for your positive attitude (and the Diet Cokes)!

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