Being Safe Online

By: Makayla M.


Having a Strong Password involves:

  • 8 characters minimum
  • Upper case & lower case
  • Numbers
  • Easy to remember
  • Different ones
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Be Ware of Scams

  • Make sure you know what you're clicking on when an ads pop up or a mysterious website or even a random email.

  • Hackers will tell you it's safe and free, never listen.
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Just like this ad promotes smoking as a positive thing, ads might promote positive actions for you but they're looking for vulnerable people to hack. Once you click on the wrong link you can get a virus.

Keep Your Personal Information Private!


  • Share address
  • Credit card info
  • Click on a mysterious ad/link
  • Talk/add strangers
  • Give up your security #
  • Visit suspicious websites
  • Post anything you wouldn't want your mother to see, Images/videos/posts/etc.
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User Agreements and Copy Right

  • No one will ever read the whole user agreement form, but you should skim through it to see what you're getting yourself into.
  • They may change at anytime.
  • The site doesn't have to inform you on their changes.
  • Don't use people's images with out their permission.
  • Especially on assignments don't copy other people's words or images/videos.
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I got Hacked!
  • This video is humerus, but hacking is a real endangerment.
  • Be careful with what you put out there online.
  • Remember nothing is truly deleted.
  • Stay Safe!