The Ant and the Elephant

It all started when the ant wished to be bigger. And the Elephant wanted to be more smaller. Every dinner at the ants house the ant ate as much as he can, his parents told him to slow down but the ant didn't listen. At the elephants house he barely ate and didn't want to grow up. His parents told the elephant to eat more but the elephant didn't listen. The ant wanted to have a friend that wanted to grow small. The ant traveled and traveled until he found the elephant.

The ant said to the elephant ''how did you grow so big?'' The elephant responded I don't know its just who I am. The elephant asked the ant ''how did you grow so small?'' The ant just said I don't know its just who I am. A few minutes later the ant thought of something. It does not matter who you are just be yourself. So the and told the elephant what the ant was thinking about. The elephant agreed what the ant said so the elephant and the and ant just went to be themselves.