#PRETPLN Twitter Challenge

Build your PLN with these 5 challenges

#PRETPLN Twitter challenge

This #PRETPLN Twitter has been created as a challenge to help show our preservice educators the power of a developing their own Personal Learning Network. Following the inspiration of a twitter challenge with @conniehamilton, who understood the value creating a tangible way to demonstrate how to build a PLN to preservice and current educators alike. It connects educators on a professional manner. Thank you for joining us!

Prior to the challenge Prior to the challenge

Create a professional Twitter account at https://twitter.com/Or start using that account that you signed up for but never really used. The purpose of this challenge is to see how powerful Twitter is for a positive, professional digital presence.

Don't be an egg head!

Add your picture to your profile. Make it something that represents you. Then add a description that lets us all know who you are, what you do, and what your educational interests are. Think about how you can build your Personal Learning Network (PLN) with Twitter. How will you use it professionally?

Challenge 1: 9/19

  1. Introduce yourself to the #pretpln community. Send a tweet describing who you are and what you want to gain from this challenge.
  2. Send out a tweet that celebrates something that you learned or observed as a result of participating in the education process today. Add the tags: #celebratemonday and #pretpln
  3. Reply to 1 other person posting using #pretpln

Challenge 2: 9/20 #Pretpln community Q & A

Send out a tweet asking the #pretpln community a question. Remember to include #pretpln in your tweet. Keep it professional! Think before you post!

Add #CSC155AN

Challenge 3: 9/21 Tweet something of interest

  1. Find an interesting article/tool/website/resource online.
  2. Copy the URL address and tweet it out to your followers.
  3. Using relative hashtags and of course #pretpln and #CSC155AN
  4. Respond to 2 peers' posts.
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Challenge 4: 9/22

Twitter chats are conversations that are labeled with a hashtag. They usually have a different theme or topic of discussion. We encourage you to participate in #pretchat an educational twitter chat geared towards preservice educators- like you! This chat occurs at 7:00 PM EST Thursday night. But, if that chat does not work for you check out the list below.

Education Chats

Education Chat

This is the official site for managing the complete list of Twitter Education Chats. It is managed by a group of "Educator Tweeps" who care about keeping up-to-date lists of chats that everyone can use.

Challenge 5: 9/23 Follow Friday

Identify at least 5 people that you would recommend to others to follow. This can be new people from this challenge or individuals from your own PLN. Don't forget to label your tweet with #pretpln and #FF (for follow Friday). Check out what others are posting and add to your PLN. Add #CSC155AN

SUPER HELPFUL GUIDE about using Twitter for Education

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