Snapshot Learning

Added in Term 2 Holidays

Added 15.7.16

Olympics - 8 new interactives and a lower, middle, upper primary unit to adapt to reflect the new curriculum.

Spiderwick Chronicles - S2 English unit created by Merryn Whitfield.

Green Sheep Disappearance a K-Y1 English Unit created by Rossana Kay.

Barrier Reef - S3 Geography united created by Steph Westwood and integrated with Science and English.

Term 3 Spelling Activities - Steph Westwood

Outcomes - Adapt non-curriculum units by copying/pasting the outcomes using these word docs and checklists.

Biographies - 3 awesome newbies - download your copies.

Character - An awesome download from Curriculum Corner

Fairy Tale - Lessons and worksheets - freebie

Summarising - Scaffold

Narrative - 2 planners

Fantasy - Reality - free sorting cards download. Response to Fiction and non-fiction text - free card downloads

Science - Freebies on Birds






Life Cycles

Solar System

Water Cycle

Natural Disasters - Marg D resource

Lego - 6 newbies and all free. Have you seen the seek and finds? They would be great brain breaks.

Added 12-14th

Quality Text to Support the History Curriculum -Created by Zoe Hudson, Susan Smith, Gretel Gonzales and Kate Parry @ Bankstown Public School.

Writing Checklist created by Christina Anne Massey

QR Codes & Read Alouds - Miss Walters has created QR codes for 49 read alouds and shared it on google drive. Download your copy.

Writing & Representing - Lizzie Chase documents, Picture A Story interactive , Virtual Traveller interactive, Understanding and Writing Dialogue S2 interactive.

Poetry - Poetry Forms, Poetry Framework and Poetry Devices created & shared by Marg D

Narrative - 4 interactives and Lizzie Chase's Year 1 SEntence Planner

Procedures - A link to lots a of great interactives, AC lesson on George's Marvellous Medicine

Persuade - 2 Leaflet writing interactives

Building Sentences - Rocket Writing by Lizzie Chase

Writing Prompts - Ice Cream Scoops, Once Upon A Time which provides inspiring writing prompts plus discussion questions and a Sunglasses Template to jazz up the presentation of student writing.

Spelling - 2 new interactives

Grammar - Over 8 new interactives

Maths General Resources - 3 Steph Westwood Maths ppts, 10 great classroom timers.

Story Telling - Lizzie Chase's Fable Response worksheet, Maori Myths link

Number - Algebra - 7 newbies Measurement - 4 Newbies

Sarah Semler has shared her Geography unit template.

Exit Tickets and Self Reflection docs

Added 11.7.16

2016 Book Week - links, activities

Added 9.7.16

The Wormworld Saga - A graphic novel, The Wormworld Saga is a fantastic adventure that awaits you.

Procedure Writing using George's Marvellous Medicine - AC lesson.

Narrative Writing - Stage 1 Fractured Fairy Tales - AC lesson

Comic Template - Download freebie

Sunglasses Template - Free sunglasses template which will enable students to present written work in an inspiring manner.

Free Printable Games - Templates, well worth a look.

Maori Myths - Ten myths

Teddy Numbers - Interactive - from Top Marks, PLUS The Story of 1-9 interactives, Compare and Count interactive and a tens frame interactive.

Number - 4 whole number interactives. Time - 3 new interactives.

Games - Some are oldies - Puzzle Maker - Create free mazes, search a words. Play Itt - word games + Word Skills games

Fold n Fly - Great visual literacy activities in the form of super airplanes to construct.

Suzy's World Fact Sheets - Suzy's World provides fact sheets on a variety of topics combined with an experiment for students to try.

Design and Technologies - Site created by Joanne Villis and provides a wide range of Design and Technology lessons/activities.

Text Features - Freebies

Added 8.7.16

Science Explorations - Scholastic site jammed packed with ideas/resources.

If I Were President - This is an American interactive resource. Depending on the ability of your S3 students it could be an interesting tool to use as a stimulus when discussing budgeting and needs of the nation.

Magic School Bus Experiments - Lots of engaging activities to select from.

Sci Starter - An interesting site which provides its readers with different ideas about science projects/observations/data collections etc. From these you could formulate a project for your classroom.

Movie Clips - A good range for Insects, Energy Sources, Energy and Work, Heat and Temperature, Plants, Prehistoric Animals (3 newbies), Solar System (6 newbies), Animals,

Planet Resources (2 newbies)

Interactives - Tsunamis, Waterfalls, Waves,

Alien Invasion - Its the year 2042 and planet earth has been invaded by a powerful alien force. You are a passenger on a cruise ship, and along with some other passengers vote not to return home. The captain of the ship takes you to uninhabited island. What do you do next? What decisions need to be made? How will you survive?

Magnetism - A 7 lesson guide

How To Make a Speech - interactive

Virtual Dice Analogue Clock PPT - Download the ppt analog clock to practice telling the time with your students, a super freebie.

2016 Calendar PPT - Freebie which you may edit to reflect your style.

Space Craft For All - The ISEE-3 was launched to study the Sun in 1978, but ended up redefining space flight. Now it’s on a new mission to become citizen science’s first spacecraft, with data accessible by everyone.

Maker Space Idea - to inspire you and allow you to adapt to your class.

5 Ideas to integrate Ozobots into Literacy and Numeracy lessons.

Maker Education - Create - A great little site

5 Makerspace Tools

Google Docs - Apps - A few new, great resources added

Cross Curriculum Priorities Docs

Added 6.7.16

Editable Student Data Folder - An awesome free freebie, grab a copy now!

8 Ways Game Board - Freebie and a super resource to adapt to your students' needs.

Added Monday 4.7.16

Aboriginal - Inquiry lessons, resources on the Virtual Library and 22 Amazing Place Names which would be a super stimulus for students to use. Students would research additional names and present them in a similar format.
Just add imagination - Introducing SPRK+

Added 3.7.16

Preposition Factory - Interactive for Kinder and Stage 1.

Art - Matching Poems with Art, teaching African Art, teaching Perspective.

Geography Assessment Ideas - A new resource page added to Snapshot History-Geography, which also features History Assessment Ideas.

Science Assessment Ideas - A new resource page added to Snapshot Science.

Visual Literacy - Discuss the changing graphics on cereal boxes, movies and gaming.

Grammar - Punctuation interactive S1, capital letters interactive - Kinder, Indirect and Direct Speech interactive, Capitalisation interactive, Commas interactive

Reading - Making Meaning Interactive S2, Understanding Text Features S3 interactive, S3 Understanding Context Clues, Learning to Use Multiple Texts when Researching - interactive, Understanding Literal and Non-Literal meanings.

Inference - S3 Interactive to learn how to answer explicit questions and understand inferences.

Describe That Character - S1

Understanding and Writing Dialogue - S2 interactive

Added 26.6.16

Non Fiction Anchor Chart - excellent freebie

Ice Cream Writing Prompt Idea - freebie

Read A Loud Posters - freebie

4 Book Covers To Colour - freebie

Editable To Do List - Freebie

Tin Can Art - Didier Triglia Head Cans

Art Lessons @ Art Exchange - free lesson ideas that will inspire

Restorative Practices - resources & ideas

Peacemakers - Peacebreakers Lesson - idea

Quaver Music - requires log in which is free

Incredible Artists - information about a wide range of artists

Art Teacher Toolkit - Created by the Incredible Art team, well worth a visit

Free Music for Kids - Wow this is a great site, jammed packed with free resources.

Recipe Yum - A delicious site with easy to read recipes which are perfect for classroom cooking and healthy eating programs and international cooking.