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September 26, 2021

Weekly Message from Mr. Hanzeli

Dear Elger Bay Families!

As I visit classrooms I can tell you that your children and our teachers are really getting after teaching and learning. Students are still having some general struggle with settling in to all of the "structure" that is a school day, but that is to be understood based on the health related times we are living through. I want to express my gratitude to each member of our staff who has been going way above and beyond this first full month to welcome you, welcome our children, and really get things rolling in their classrooms.

~ Mr. Hanzeli

Music Teacher Update

As most of you know that as a part of our school program in the SCSD at elementary we offer basic music instruction. Depending on the grade, this includes about 45 minutes +/- per week when they would normally meet with and learn from a music specialist. To date we have not yet been able to secure a qualified music teacher to fill that position. In its place we have had an excellent substitute teacher who has been working with our teachers and our school counselor to use this time to support our Character Strong program for students. Students have been having a great time and staff are working together to make this time meaningful to support our students in their journey through school. Please be assured that I continue to post, monitor, and look for any leads towards securing a music teacher for the children but I just wanted to be transparent and let you know where things stand as of this moment.

Assessment Window

Students in Grades 1 - 5 will participate in the Measurment of Academic Progress (MAP), and students in Grades 4 and 5 will participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA). These online assessments will each require two sessions each 30 - 90 minutes depending on the grade and the individual student. Neither assessment is a timed assessment. The window for MAP and SBA is coming up in October. Your child's teacher will communicate the specific dates for her/his class and we will post the grade levels on the online calendar at our website for your reference. These assessments will provide us with an excellent baseline about each student.

Dropoff Door Locked at 9:00

The north dropoff door in the morning is locked and no longer monitored at 9:00. If you arrive at 9:00 or after, you will need to drive around to the main entrance, park, and sign your child in as tardy.

EBE PTA Quick Notes

  • Reminder that the Fun Run pledge sheets were delivered last week. Fun Run for students will take place the week of October 4 during a 35 minute PE session.
  • PTA has begun plans for a return of the hugely popular EBE PTA Trunk or Treat "Drive Through" event on Friday, October 29, 6:00-7:30.

Breakfast, Dropoff, and Busses (repeat)

We are trying to fine tune this early morning procedure so that students can eat breakfast and not be late to class. If you are dropping off in the morning and your child is eating breakfast, please arrive no later than 8:40.This will allow time for the children to eat breakfast and still get to class.

Cloth Masks (repeat)

Thank you to everyone for you cooperation as we apply the guidance for everyone to wear a cloth mask at school. We have a few student who are wearing decorative mesh masks or geitrs. Our staff will offer them a fresh cloth mask replacement. Also, staff and I regularly and politely remind many students to pull their mask up over their nose. They have been great about working together to help everyone stay as healthy as possible.

Rainy Days and Recess (repeat)

Welcome to our first 'blustery' fall days. Reminder to send your students with a hooded jacket. We are not able to accomodate umbrellas on the playground as there are often accidental injuries as they are used. If it is just misting we will still send them out to play and get fresh air. If it rains hard, we will use our covered area and walkways to at least get them outside for their recesses. Reminder to label all their jackets with their first and last name so we can get them back to them.

Chromebook Distribution Update, 9.10.21 (repeat)

For the moment, the chromebooks and chargers will be held in the classrooms by our teachers. This is allowing for all of the early work and learning regarding platforms and processes for using Google Meet, Google Classroom and/or Seesaw.

However, if you and/or the teacher are needing/wanting the chromebook to go home starting now for instructional supports by way of remediation or enrichment, please connect by Email with the teacher and they will begin to make that daily process a part of your student's day.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 24

EBE Picture Day (If your child was absent on this date...retakes/missed students will be October 28)

Friday, October 1

EBE / PTA Spirit Day: Crazy Clothes Day (inside out, backwards, colorful)

Week of October 4 - October 8

EBE PTA Fun Run (held during each student's PE session)

Friday, October 8

EBE / PTA Spirit Day: Crazy Hair / Crazy Hat Day

Tuesday, October 12

EBE PTA General Meeting, 6:00-7:00

Stay Tuned for Details re Location and/or ZOOM access

Thursday, October 14

Vision / Hearing Screening Day

Thursday, October 14

EBE / PTA Spirit Day: Mismatched Shoes / Socks Day

Friday, October 15

No School for Students, Staff Training Day

Friday, October 22

EBE / PTA Spirit Day: EBE or Spartan or Seahawk Spirit Wear

(For those who may not have any spiritwear, join in by wearing colorful clothes: Explorer green and white, Spartan Red and White, or Seahawk Blue and Green)

Wed., Thurs., Fri., October 27-29

Half Days for Students; Student Progress Conferences Afternoon

Thursday, October 28

EBE Picture RETAKE Day

SCSD School Full Year Calendar Link

For your convenience, I am going to permanently leave the SCSD Student Calendar Link at the bottom of my newsletter calendar so you might always have it handy.

SCSD Connectivity Survey (Action Required)

If you have not yet taken the connectivity survey (below), please take two minutes and complete it right now. Thank you! Mr. Hanzeli

Introducing our Technology Teacher - Nyda Goldstein (Repeat)

Hello Elger Bay Families!

As your child's technology teacher this year, I have the pleasure of seeing each class (all grades, Kindergarten through 5th) for a 35-minute session once every 1.5 weeks or so. During our first few tech class sessions, our focus will be on how to take care of, log into, and access learning through students' Chromebooks. Once students are comfortable with those skills, we will delve into other technology topics and skills. While your child's classroom teacher will be your first go-to for questions about any assignments or activities that utilize computers, apps and platforms (Seesaw, Google Classroom, Clever, IXL, etc...) I am happy to be a backup resource. Feel free to contact me at the email address below. I am excited to be back at Elger Bay and look forward to an excellent year!

Nyda Goldstein


K-5 Technology Teacher, Elger Bay Elementary

Thursdays, Fridays, and some Wednesdays

Tech Time Progress w/ Mrs. Goldstein

I asked Mrs. Goldstein if I might share with you the variety of topics that are being covered in these first few weeks. While they may not yet be mastered, even our youngest students are on the way with many of these important skills. ~ Mr. Hanzeli

  • Holding, carrying, caring for, and signing into Chromebooks (all classes)
  • Plugging in and removing headphones (most classes)
  • Removing and replacing Chromebooks from the cart - but this is a bit wonky still (all but kindergarten)
  • Looking at Clever (finding apps on the page)
  • Practice using the trackpad
  • Signing out

In addition, different grade levels have done the following:


  • Opening and viewing SeeSaw
  • Using the tabs to get back to Clever from SeeSaw
  • Opening Starfall and choosing an activity from Geometry & Measurement (all but kindergarten)


  • Opening and viewing SeeSaw
  • Using the tabs to get back to Clever from SeeSaw
  • Finding Google Classroom in Clever
  • Joining my tech class Google Classroom (this is where I will put links and activities for tech class)
  • Looking for announcements in the Stream
  • Finding activities in the Classwork tab
  • Fully opening activities/assignments by clicking the "view activity" or "view assignment" button (in order to get the the page with the "Turn In" button)
  • Clicking on links in an activity

4th & 5th

  • Joining my tech class Google Classroom (this is where I will put links and activities for tech class)
  • Navigating between different Google Classroom classes
  • Looking for announcements in the Stream
  • Finding activities in the Classwork tab
  • Fully opening activities/assignments by clicking the "view activity" or "view assignment" button (in order to get the the page with the "Turn In" button)
  • Clicking on links in an activity

Information from the Assistant Director for Covid Recovery-Health and Safety Related (Repeat)


Isolation and Quarantine Defined

The concept of quarantine vs. isolation, and the expectations for each can be a little bit confusing.

Isolation - is what someone who has COVID symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID is asked to do. Isolation keeps someone who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19 without symptoms away from others, even in their own home.This person can potentially pass COVID for 10 days, once they have a positive test or have developed symptoms. This person needs to stay away from other people for 10 days. This person should stay in a specific “sick room” or area and away from other people as much as possible, and use a separate bathroom, if available.

If a person with COVID symptoms has a negative COVID test, we know that the cause of their symptoms is probably not COVID, and they can return to school when their symptoms are resolving, and they are fever free for 24 hours.

Quarantine - is what someone who has been around someone with COVID is asked to do. Quarantine keeps someone who was in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 away from others. This person could potentially become positive for COVID up to 14 days after their exposure. These people should protect others by staying home for 14 days after the last contact.

Whether a person is directed to isolate or quarantine, they need to stay home. They must not go to school, work, or anywhere else in public. They should not participate in or attend sporting events, or other events with family and friends.

Communication Regarding Close Potential Close Contacts:

We have been notified of a positive COVID case(s) at our school. All impacted students, staff and families have been notified by our nursing staff. Anyone that was considered a close contact has been notified. If you have not been contacted you are not considered a close contact per the definition provided by the Department of Health on our District Website.

Mary Hoffman

Assistant Director for Covid Recovery-Health and Safety Related

Big picture

Superintendent Deborah Rumbaugh’s August Message, 9.17.21 (Repeat)

Hello Families,

As we head into the final week of September, I thought it might be helpful to share some school-wide statistics with you. Our fall enrollment is up from previous years; we are serving nearly 40 more students than we projected last spring. This is good news for us! Growth within the school district offers potential for expanded programming, more variety in class offerings, and allows us to employ more teachers, kitchen staff, bus drivers, para educators, and more. We are honored to serve your students each day, and appreciate your partnership in the education of your children.

Listening Sessions with the Superintendent

I will be hosting listening sessions throughout the year to provide an opportunity for parents, community members, students, and staff to provide input, ideas, and their perspective about our schools. The first session will be held at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, over Zoom. The Zoom link can be found on the District Calendar. There will be other listening sessions on November 30, 2021, February 22, 2022, and May 31, 2022. Please refer to the District Calendar for details.

Staff Recognition Program

To show appreciation for certificated and classified employees, the Board of Directors looks forward to continuing the district’s staff recognition program for the 2021-22 school year. We are proud that our staff goes above and beyond for the children in the Stanwood-Camano School District.

Nominations for a Certificated or Classified Employee of the Month are accepted September through March for recognition by the board, administration, and our sponsors. All monthly award recipients will be considered for the Certificated and Classified Employee of the Year awards presented in May. Nominations are welcome from parents, community members, peers, administrators, and students.

If you would like to nominate a staff member and share personal examples of the dedication, commitment and passion this individual has portrayed working for the Stanwood-Camano School District, please visit our Staff Recognition Program page on the website. Please use personal examples of why you believe this individual deserves recognition and share how they inspire you and others. Heritage Bank sponsors our employee recognition program in partnership with Stanwood and Camano Island area businesses.

Stanwood YMCA

We are proud of our partnership with the Stanwood YMCA. It may be of interest to you the many programs that the YMCA and the school district offers to families. Although most look different right now, here is a snapshot of how the YMCA helps to serve the students and families in our community.

The YMCA offers daily youth and teen programs after school and on the weekends that provide peer interaction for children in our community. Many of our students have been socially isolated for various pandemic and quarantine reasons. The YMCA is pleased to work with individuals and families of various income levels who may need financial assistance to participate in YMCA programs and activities.

Stop by the YMCA to check out the new Teen Room that is open every day after school, 2:30-6pm. Or go to the pool to watch our age-group swim teams practice to see the fun interaction of kids learning new skills in team sports.

The YMCA offers licensed care (both in Stanwood and on Camano Island) that provides students with homework help, enrichment activities and mental health counselors, for families that need after school care for their children. Please connect with your child’s school to see what options are available to you.

Elger Bay Elementary PTA Facebook Homepage LINK

This button is here if you need to quickly connect to the Elger Bay PTA Facebook Homepage.

Spread the Word, Call Your Friends

If you have a child to register for next year, you may stop in to the office. Please bring:

  • Registration Forms
  • Copy of their birth certificate (or other age verification document, as noted)
  • Immunization records.

For enrollment purposes, we accept birth certificates, adoption decrees, baptismal certificates, immunization records, previous school records, or entry in a family tree. Other documents not outlined here may also support age verification.

Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by August 31, 2021.

Please call us at 360-629-1290 if you have any questions.

REGISTER ONLINE: New Student and Kindergarten Registration for 2021-2022