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Send me a list of any capital expenditures you want me to request.

Monday: PANORAMA Survey Window OPEN (7-17th)! The district goal is 95% completion. We need to talk about how we will administer this survey! It will take around 20 minutes, and we want the students to take it seriously.


Music Therapy



MN at DLT 9:15-11:15

Friday: Happy Birthday, Chad!

10:00 AM Speaker: Cody's Gift (1-1.5 hours)

Upcoming Dates:

10/18: Early Release: Teacher PD (Benefits Info Meeting at 1:00)

10/21: P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00

10/22: P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00

10/24: Early Release: Teacher PD

10/25: No School

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Week of October 14 SEL Lesson

Lesson 8: Transforming - Self-Talk into + Self-Talk (Make distinctions between thoughts that are + and thoughts that are accurate reflections of reality AND help us cope with - feelings/events. Teach you how to be aware of + thoughts associated with + experiences. Students who have emotional/social difficulties focus more on the negative. Therefore, when students succeed, it’s important they are able to use accurate and + self-talk and they do not discount the +.

  1. Circle: Think of a time you were successful or something good happened to you. What did you say/think to yourself at the time? What do you say to yourself when you recall the experience now?

  2. Skill introduction: Change defeating self-talk into + and accurate self talk. (p. 69??)

    1. It is often easier to be critical of ourselves and to dwell on disappointments than it is to focus on the +.

    2. Putting ourselves down makes it harder to cope with a - event, correct a mistake, and learn from it.

    3. When you do well at something, it’s important to reflect on the accomplishment.

    4. How much power do our thoughts have over our feelings and behavior? What makes it hard for you to tell yourself + things?

Student Reported Diagnoses

On our student's fall survey, this is what students self-reported for diagnoses. There is some interesting information out there about ADHD being misdiagnosed instead of PTSD. No scientific data to support, but I bet we could see that correlation with our kids! Another interesting article on ADHD below!

ADHD: 16

Anxiety and/or Depression: 13

Anger: 3

Arthritis: 1

Tourettes: 2

Aspberger’s: 1


BiPolar: 2

Schizophrenia: 2

ODD: 1

MDD: 2

Intellectual Functioning and Math LD: 1

Type 1: 1

Dyslexia: 1

Social Anxiety Disorder: 1

Irlen Syndrome: 1

Panic Disorder: 1

If you would like more information on a particular diagnosis, Lori can help you out.
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