It Is Wells!

Fifth Grade Wrap-Up

And we're off!!!

This has been a busy week!! The students have completed assessments, and we have begun units in all of the core subjects. We have also managed to have a little fun!!!

"I Have; Who's Next?"

We played a game designed to sharpen the students' listening skills and their ability to follow directions. It was a lot of fun because they were instructed to be silly and do random things. All the time, they were practicing how to pay attention! I left them wanting more. I'm working on one for Halloween.

The week ahead:

Math quiz: Wednesday, Sept 9 - Next week, the math students will have a quiz on what we have covered so far. They will be able to use their math INB. The goal is that the students learn to use their resources.

Grammar quiz: Friday, Sept 11 - We began with a review of the eight parts of speech. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will focus on the different kinds of nouns, and then I will give the students on Friday

Social Studies: Students receive instructions for year-long "As History Unfolds" project on Wednesday, Sept 9.

Science: Students receive instructions for constellation project on Thursday, Sept 10.

Fifth Grade Adventure

Mrs. Wells has been with Chesterbrook Academy for nine years. This year she is the fifth grade teacher.