WEEK OF 5/08-5/12

Monday, May 8 (Day 6): NJSLA Math

Tuesday, May 9 (Day 1): NJSLA Math and School Store during Recess

Wednesday, May 10 (Day 2): NJSLA Math

Thursday, May 11 (Day 3)

Friday, May 12 (Day 4): 4th Grade Battleship Field Trip (Zuccato/Richardson, Brown, Langerhans, Metcalf/Gandler, Ward/Huber)


2022-2023 Parent Handbook and Calendar

2022-2023 School Calendar

May 15-26: MUST Attendance Recovery Pilot 2:25-3:25PM

May 15: New Teacher Academy 2:25PM

May 16: Bus Evacuation Drill 2:10PM

May 16-17: NJSLA Science Testing (Grade 5 Only) 8-10AM

May 19: 4th Grade Battleship Field Trip (Bottone, Sanders, Hulfish, Mason)

May 22: Spring Band and Choir Concert 6th Grade and 4th Grade B Wing (9-10AM); 5th Grade and 4th Grade A Wing (1:20-2:20)

May 22-26: iReady Diagnostic End of Year Math and Reading Grades 4-6

May 23: 5th Grade Walking Tour of Historic Philadelphia (Tunstall, Mankey, Molloy, Heitman/Capone) and PVS Spring Concert at Clearview 7PM

May 24: PVS I&RS Meetings

May 25: 5th Grade Walking Tour of Historic Philadelphia (Sheppard, Gerkens, Sosnowicz, Hood, Souders/Sutton) and Spirit Day "Neon Day"

May 29: Memorial Day: School Closed

May 30-June 2: Linkit! Math Benchmark C Grades 4-6

May 30: Grade 4 Track and Field Day

May 31: Grade 5 Track and Field Day

NJSLA Testing May 1-3 and May 8-10 (May 16-17 Grade 5 Science Only)

NJSLA State Testing starts on May 1st. Testing starts at 8AM, so please make sure your child arrives to school on time. Please encourage your child to do their best and be sure to have a good night's sleep, along with a nutritious breakfast. Due to testing security protocols, smart watches and cell phones are not permitted during testing. In accordance with school procedures, cell phones and smart watches must be turned off and put away. It is also important that your child report to school on time during their testing window. If a student arrives after testing has started, they will need to make up the session on another day.

May: Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage and Jewish American Heritage Month

Amy Tan is an author. Her stories weave multi-generational experiences through stories where her characters challenge their own identity through the art of story telling. HERE is her story. May celebrates Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage. The AAPI acronym simplifies an extensive part of the globe where art, music, philosophy, religion, history, and so many other ideals emanate.

May is also Jewish American Heritage Month. Here is a powerful Ted Talk from Eitan Chitayat who describes why he felt compelled to create “I’m that Jew” a 6-minute stereotype-defying tour de force in response to the 2015 Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket attacks in Paris.

Both Amy Tan and Eitan Chitayat focus on creating from chaos, using different forms of art to recreate meaning from tragedy. I hope you have a few minutes to listen to them both and see how their "otherness" and how their experiences drive their work.

Summer School Registration

Summer School Registration: The Harrison Township School District offers a comprehensive Summer School program for select students entering grades 1 through 6. Notification of selected students was sent electronically from the Office of Curriculum. The program will be held from July 10th through August 3rd, from 9a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Harrison Township Elementary School. If you have not already done so, please register your child as soon as possible, but no later than May 15th. Remember, you may only register your child if they were invited to participate. Please see the attached communication for more information about the program and registration.


2023-2024 PTA Board Openings and 6th Grade Explorer Parents

Last Call! Want to get more involved with the school and the Harrison Township PTA?

Looking to make a lasting impact on your child’s educational experience?

Want to help the families of Harrison Twp?

Want to be a part of fostering a great relationship with the educational staff at HTS & PVS?


We have many openings on our PTA BOARD for the 2023-2024 school year!

We are also looking for 6TH GRADE EXPLORER PARENTS for next year!

If you are interested please email Lori @ no later than April 17th

Thank you to everyone who am has already expressed interest in the open positions.

Elite Athletic Cheer

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2023 Season Registration for Clearview Youth Field Hockey

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Summer Field Hockey Camp

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