By:Alexander Menendez

Easy Steps to Staying Healthy

Do you have a problem with staying healthy. Well here is all the answer to all your problems. One way to stay clean is to wash your hands. Even if you were just outside for two minutes it's always good to get the germs off your hands. Most of the times you can't see the germs for example there is not dirt of grass on your hands but you still need to wash your hands. Another thing you could do to stay healthy is gets lots of rest, rest helps your body relax and heal and prepare for the next day. Even though people think nature is one of the reasons you get sick, it is not if you stay clean but are active your body will be stronger fighting off the germs. Getting sick is one of the worlds worst problems, it kills millions of people each day. But if you follow these steps you will be healthy and happy.

Kill the Flu

AHHHHHHHHH CHOOOOOOO! If you have the flu here is 3 easy step to getting rid of it.

The first step is to get some medicine (Advil, Motrin, or other pain killers). This helps your body heal because it doesn't have to deal with the pain of the flu. The second step is to have lots of hot liquids. Some examples are hot chocolate or any kinds of soup. The third step is to get lots of rest. Rest lets your body heal quicker. These steps work and they make your body feel great.

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Life with Cancer

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with cancer. Well this article is going to compare what it is like to live with cancer compared to not having cancer.People with cancer have a tough life, one thing you can not do is when you have cancer is you cannot do any extreme sports or activities. People with cancer cannot do anything extreme because it is a threat to their life. People without cancer don't have that restriction, they are able to do what ever they want with their lives. Another adversity people with cancer have to overcome is they spend most of there days in the hospital. While people without cancer only go to hospitals if they have a serious accident. These thing are struggles that people with cancer have to go through.

The Reason

Why do people get sick, people are careless with their body and when they get sick they wonder why? These are some why people get sick, one reason people get sick is they do not get enough rest. People stay up all night because they are busy with school work or work or anything else that they forget about sleep. Another reason on why people get sick is they do not wash there hands. People do not wash there hands that have a lot of germs on them and then they put there hands in there mouth or they touch everything in the and that gets the whole family sick.People don't take care of themselves and when they get sick they are all surprised.

How it happens

Do you ever wonder why you get sick. Well here are the answers to your problem. People get sick because they don't wash there hands, and when they don't wash there hands the germs sink into there skin and that is the reason why we get sick. Another way you could get sick is if you don't get enough rest, when don't get enough rest your body cannot heal the cuts of bruises in your body which then you get sick.Site: