Modern Texas

By: Giuliana Silvestri

World War 1


  1. Woodrow Wilson- Declared war on Germany
  2. Samuel M. Sampler- single-handedly knocked down a German machine gun position that had his unit pinned down; received the nation's highest military award

The United States in WW1

The United States was neutral at the beginning of the war. Then, as the war carried on, the Americans got angry at Germany for sinking British ships. When Germany sunk on of Americas ship with American citizens on it, America declared war. Texas played a important part in the war because it was offered to Mexico in exchange for aid to the United States. Texas also helped during the war by providing supplies and men. World War 1 ended with a strong anti-German feel in the United States. Many people were discriminating against German Americans and changed many German traditions to become more American.
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The Great Depression

Herbert Hoover

  1. Herbert Hoover took office as president before Great Depression. He thought the depression won't last very long and that the federal government shouldn't get involved or help unemployed people.

Effects of the Great Depression

Franklin Roosevelt helped pull people out of the depression with his plan. The plan was to pay unemployed people to build things for the government such as the San Antonio boardwalk. Many programs, like the Public Works Administration and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.The dust bowl was also a devastating event for Texans. The dieing of wheat and droughts caused wind storms to pick up loads of dirt to be picked up and carried around. This caused the suffocating of livestock and lung diseases. Tenant farmers and miners were also affected by the Great Depression because of the drop in price of crops and the dust bowls.
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World War 2


  1. Hitler- was a "dictator" and took over a big portion of Europe by using violence and killing Jews
  2. Sailor Dorie Miller- African American who helped with combat when the Japanese attacked

Effects of World War 2 on Texas

Texas helped the United States in many ways. We supplied aid and soldiers to fight,including women, and shot at the Japanese when they bombed us. We also helped with supplies and medical aid for soldiers at war. Life changed on the home front for Texans during World War 2. People would have air-raid drills and people formed the United States Air Patrol, to stay on watch for any signs of attack. The government also set limits on how much of a product people could consume. The War ended when Hitler committed suicide. The people who took over Germany surrendered after that. People were joyed the war was over but devastated at how many lives they had lost, especially Jews.
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