Reigning Victory Dance Academy

Winter/Spring Session

Class Start Back January 2, 2016

Dance Academy

Reigning Victory Dance Studio is the home of The Academy. We no longer have recreational classes. Some things to look forward to in 2016:

  • Black History Month Ballet Recital honoring Misty Copeland
  • June Production
  • Mandatory Summer Training for all Jr and Sr Academy Dancers who plan on returning next season
  • Summer Ballet Workshop with none other than Michaela DePrince
  • Dance engagements and more...

Please make sure you pick up your child's Winter Schedule. In an academy curriculum each may or may not have a different schedule for the next child. Please direct your scheduling questions to Ms. Felecia only.

Up-Coming Payments

Due January 5, 2016 Tuition - Late fee accessed on January 6, 2016

Due January 15, 2016 June Production Fees $80

Due February 1, 2015 June Production Costume Fee

  • $70 Children's Academy
  • $100 Junior Academy
  • $125 Senior Academy
  • $140 Senior Academy Pointe

$25 late fee added after February 1, 2016

$40 late fee added after March 1, 2016

Due May 15, 2016 Summer Training Tuition $150

Jr and Senior Academy Summer Training 6:000pm-9:00pm Daily

Jr. Academy-July 11-15, 2016

Sr Academy-July 18-22, 2016


The Jr and Sr Academy will be performing as apart of their dance training. Please note the following.

1. Performances are based on the dancer's knowledge of choreography, attendance, and up-to-date account status. Dancer's will have to audition for each performance. All dancer's may not be needed for every performance. It is in the best interest of the dancer to practice at home. Performances are not showcases. We expect each dancer to act according to the professional standards set forth by RVDA. We will perform as Reigning Victory Dance Ensemble. Please help your child understand that they may get cut from a performance if the Director feels they are not ready. They should keep practicing.

2. We will try to car pool as much as we can. We will always leave and return from the studio.

3. Parents may be required to drop students off.

4. Some events will require purchase of event ticket because we are performing as part of the entertainment for private events. You will be notified of fees. In that case you may choose to drop your child off and pick them back up. Children will always be accompanied by at least two members of the RVDS staff.

5. Dancers will be dismissed as a group during performances. Dancers are only allowed to leave at the Director's discretion during some performances.

6. We are called on to dance at several events monthly. Some events are very last minute. That is the nature of this business sometimes. We will do our best to provide as much information as we can in a timely manner. We may not know full details upfront. Please be open for changes. Some events are cancelled after they have been arranged due to conflict of interest.

Dance Ensemble Booked Performances Coming Up

Tuesday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve Service

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Misty Copeland Ballet Presentation

Rehearsal Dates:

Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30

Feb. 6

*More rehearsal dates will be added

*This is a fundraiser in conjunction with the DeKalb Elementary and High Schools of the Arts

Rehearsal Dates: Please log in to your account weekly to see your schedule for Saturday rehearsals.

All Access

Website Parent's Corner Password

The parent's Corner Page is password protected. Here, you will find studio information. Please do not disclose our page password to others. We will update the password periodically.


Sign up for Text Messaging

Children's Academy

To receive messages via text, text @rvchild to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, 'unsubscribe @rvchild'.

Trouble using 81010? Try texting @rvchild to (405) 896-2181 instead.

Junior Academy

To receive messages via text, text @jracade to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, 'unsubscribe @jracade'.

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Senior Academy

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Dancer's Corner Page and Parents Corner Page

Academy Students have their own page on RVDS website. This area is password protected.

Password: excellence

This is where we will post things specifically for them. It will be interactive. They should let us know about their accomplishments and milestones so that we may fully support them. We want this to be a place where your child creates memories and where they can receive extra encouragement. We will have an honor roll list at the end of every term. Those on the list will be rewarded. Those who do not make the list will be acknowledge as well in some way. Please make sure we get a copy of your child's report card.

Parent's Corner Page Password RVDS382

Dress Code

Our dress code is mandatory. Please make sure your child is in the proper dance attire for their classes. Please do not purchase leotards anywhere else. Tights and shoes are the exception. Tights must match skin and shoes must be leather with split soles for ballet and black boot for jazz. Shoes must be spray painted to match tights. Hair must be in a bun for all classes.

Ballet: Junior

Hair must be in a bun

Turquoise Leotard


Ballet shoes


Hair must be in a bun

Turquoise Leotard


No shoes

Ballet: Senior

Hair must be in a Bun

Royal Leotard

Ballet Shoes

Modern/Jazz: Junior and Senior

Turquoise Leotard


Black Jazz Shoes

Shorts and Jazz pants may be worn at the teacher's discretion. Tee shirts/warm-ups should be removed after 10 minutes.


Students must participate in at least one (1) studio fundraisers, raising at least $250.00 per year. Students who do not raise required amount must pay the balance of $250. Any amount raised over $250 will be credited to dancer’s account to be used towards tuition only.

Souvenir Book for June Production

We will start selling ads in January!!!

Vendor Booths for Production-do you know a business that would like to advertise their product or service during our Annual Production? Help us solicit to businesses that you do business with. 50% of booth fee will be credited to your Studio fundraising account.

End of Season Debriefing

As we head into a new season of dance we would like to discuss some successes, failures, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The season was very successful. We strive to make sure we are operating effectively. We increased the ways in which we communicate but we still had some issues with people receiving emails. We are still trying to tackle that small battle. Some parents have a hard time using the online system. We plan on having a new system in the new season. We are trying to reduce the amount of printing, because we are trying to save where ever we can.

The dancers have been getting booked for performances left and right. Rehearsals with those students booked for performances have been great as well. Booked performances are great for training.

Dance attire/costumes:

Students are required to have all items on the dress code/order form. Leotards especially must be purchased from RVDS. We have selected leotards that provide coverage and support for our dancers.

Please pick up a copy of the dress code for additional items required for academy students. If your child does not have what they need for performances, they will not dance. All costumes are company property and must only be worn for Reigning Victory Dance engagements. We keep all costumes together in our costume closet for safe keeping and proper cleaning. If you need to use your child's costume for any reason outside of RVDS use, permission must be granted. Costume are redistributed at the end of the season, or if separation form the Academy occurs. We may also redistribute costumes that are no longer be used for ensemble pieces.

Class Attendance was about 85% overall. Parents did really well in emailing us about absences.

The thing about exposed underwear is that it is inappropriate in the culture of dance to wear panties. There were constant reminders about it in all Jr. and Sr. classes and students continued to defy the standard. If panties must be worn-we should not see them, PERIOD. Shorts may be worn for those who need to wear them for personal reasons. Bra straps should not be exposed. We suggest the girls get nude body suit; something every dancer should own.

Lost and found- Items lost during the Showcase will be at the studio.

Showcase Drop-off and Pick-up-It's getting better we just would like a little more patience. We are dealing with all of the students so it takes a little longer. Safety and security is our biggest concern. We strive to make this process efficient. I would really help if parents would follow the procedures we have in place.

Tuition Payments-Thank you all for getting your tuition in on time.

Balances-Some people have past account balances. All outstanding balances must be paid no later than January 5th. $10 Late fees will apply to all late tuition.