Ellen Ochoa

By: Eve

Basic Information and Honors

Ellen Ochoa was brought into this world sometime in 1956 in Los Angeles California. Even though she was born in Las Angeles she considers La Mesa California to be her home town. In 1975 Ellen graduated from Grossmont High in La Mesa, California. She got her bachelor's degree in science in physics from San Diego State U in 1980. Her Doctorate in electrical engineering was earned in 1981 and 1985 at Stanford. She is a doctoral student from Harvard. Along with all of these other achievements Ellen also gets gets married to Coe Fulmer MIles and then has 2 children.
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Ellen Ochoa


Ms. Ochoa is honored with 4 schools. The Ellen Ochoa middle school in Pasco, Washington, Ellen Ochoa Learning Center located in Cudahy, California, Ellen Ochoa STEM Academy at Ben Milam elementary in Grand Prairie, Texas. Last but not least the Amino Ellen Ochoa, which is a charter school in Los Angeles, California.

Aside from the schools she also has honors given to her by NASA. Those honors include: the Distinguished service medal, Exceptional service medal, Outstanding leadership medal, four Space flight medals, the Harvard Foundation science award, Women in aerospace outstanding achievement award, HENAAC (Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards, Engineer of the year, Hispanic Heritage Leadership award, She is in the California hall of fame, and finally Alumna of the year in San DIego.

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Experience in Space

To start off Ellen was the first hispanic women to enter outer space. She has been on STS-56 ATLAS-2 Discovery. This was a nine day mission that conducted atmosphere and solar studies to better understand the Earth's climate and environment. Ellen used RMS (Remote Manipulator System) to capture and deploy the Spartan Satellite which had been studying the Solar Corona. She was the Payload commander for STS-66, Atlantis Atmospheric Laboratory for applications and science-3 mission. This took place from November 3-14 in 1994. This was a series of space lab flights that studied the Energy of the sun over an 11 year time period or solar cycle.


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