BY Lauern Tarshis



setting: PEARL HARBOR,1941

TE:Ma is a very protective mom she only wants what is best for her son but she makes a little mestake when she takes her son Danny.Mack loves Dannys mom he get hurt during the attack of the japan air forces. Mrs.Sudo is a mother that loves her son. Mr.Sudo is akis father he was tooken to jail by some soldiers because they said he helped the japan people attack.Earl was a bad/good boy he was one of dannys friend he got mr.sudo out of jail.Finn was dannys best friend he fell off a latter and went to a hospital. Aki is dannys new best friend he is a loveble kid. Danny is a good kid.

Rising Action:TE:ma took Danny to keep him safe but that did not go so well. TE:Mack loves dannys mom and protected Danny from sharp stuff and other bad things. TE: mr. and mrs.sudo love there son aki he is a good kid and want a puppy but he gets in a little trouble with a hog but Danny saves him.

TE: Earl wants to be a good friend to Danny and he is Danny fells like he is a big brother to him.TE: Finn was Danny's best friend in NEW YORK,in 1941 he fell off a latter of the fire escape Finn fell and went to the hospital. Finaly Danny he is a good kid how want to get home and be with his friend Finn and confert him and be a good friend.

Climax: the japans air planes start crashing,booming, and attacking pearl harbor, Danny almost gets shot by one of them. Mack gets a piece of metal from the plane stuck into his body. finn fell off a ladder, while they were in new york, and he went to the hospital.

TE: The planes where crashing down hard and fast and they attacket fast and hurt many people. Danny almost got shot by one of the air planes. He scared Danny so much. One of the air planes was attacking where mack and danny was mack protected danny mack got a peice of an air plane stuck on the side of his body.

Falling Action:At the end everything turned out fine. Finn was feeling better. Mack got better. Mr.sudo got out of jail.Earl broke mr.sudo out of jail. The air planes stop to attacking PEAL HARBOR.

TE: There was no way of knowing whether Earl had anything to do with Mr.Sudo's release from jail a week later. And of course there was Finn.Finn was better now.Danny found out because Ma had been allowed to use the phone at the hospital to call Mrs.Mill.And the most inportant news:Finn was out of the hospital.The hours ticked by with no more japanese planes.

Resoution: Danny saved Mack and got him to the hospital then the air planes just went away.

TE:Danny got a car and drove Earl also show him how to drive a little so he jumed in to the car and took Mack to the hospital.

Four Facts

The PAERL HORBOR visiter cener includes tow museums that tell the story of the attack on pearl harbor and world war ll.