Are the Articles done?

By: Jared Haddon

Articles of Confederation, The first and worst Constitution.

Extra! Extra! The continental congress has met back in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation, our first constitution, or just rewriting it all together. But why would they do this? Why are the articles so weak? It was made weak so that we would not be so powerful and have our leaders turn into tyrants.



The Articles were weak on purpose, and very weak. Congress could do very little. They couldn't make laws, enforce taxes, control the trade among the states, and they could not make money. On top of all of that, all 13 states had to vote and agree for a law to be passed.


The Articles did have some good things about them. They did govern the nation during the revolutionary war, and did help form the treaty of Paris. It did have the land ordinance of 1785, and the Northwest ordinance of 1787. But they were still very weak, even if they had some strengths.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

The Northwest Ordnance was a part of the Articles of Confederation. It did good because it allowed that if you had 5,000 people living in one area, they could have a legislature, and if they had 60,000 people in an area, the area could become a state. It also banned slavery in all of the new territories. But it also did some bad. People, the native american's, lived there originally and were forced off of their land when the settlers moved there, and also by that logic, we could have hundreds of states, all with their own laws.

Shays Rebellion

Shays rebellion was like it sounded like, a man named shay rebelled against the laws of the Articles of Confederation. The law said that if you couldn't pay taxes, you would be sent to jail, and since all trade had huge taxes, and each state had its own form or currency, the farmers had it difficult. Shay, a farmer, didn't want to be sent to jail, so he and other farmers marched to the courthouse and forced them to shutdown. This lead to people finding out that the Articles of Confederation were not able to govern the new united states.