Mrs. Odenweller's

Fintastic Firsties


*Please continue to check your child's folder each night for any notes or comments, including those regarding behavior and initial inside the small box within the larger one. The small conduct charts need to remain in their folders and come to school every day to ensure consistency and effective classroom management.

*When sending money to school, please put in an envelope or small bag with your child's name, how much was sent and purpose for the money. Please send exact amounts as I am unable to make change.

*Don't forget to have your child read for 20 minutes each night and complete the reading log. Challenge them to write the title themselves!





5 - New Semester Starts! - Welcome back!

5 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!

7- PTO Meeting

15 - Science Fair


21 - Reading CBA

21 - Family International Night


1- College spirit day

4,17- Shutdown day (no visitors)

9- PTO meeting

12- Valentine's Day class party (time TBA)

15- No school

25- Math/science night

Waves of Pages Reading Program

Monday I sent home a reading log for Schlitterbahn's Waves of Pages Reading Program which is led by our librarian, Mrs. Howard, and is completely voluntary. The program encourages students to read for pleasure. Each student who reads for 10 hours during the 10-week program is awarded a free admission to the waterpark as well as a discount for their family members. As your child reads, fill out the log and return it by February 24th. That is all you have to do!


This week we are reading mentor texts of literary nonfiction. These books are in the form of a story but give facts about a person. We are integrating reading and social studies to include people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.


Last week we discussed what a resolution is and students wrote their resolutions for this year. This week we are going through the steps of narrative writing to include more interesting details, putting our stories into sequence and beginning our story with a "hook".


This week, we examined the properties of our rocks, including their color, size, shape, texture and absorbency. We also watched the video about their uses and how rocks are important in our everyday lives.

Next week, we will begin discussing soil, its properties and uses.

Just in case anyone is wondering, it smells very "earthy" in our classroom right now :)

The kiddos love this unit and being able to play with dirt and rocks! I am hoping it does not rain a couple of days next week so we can make our lesson even more hands-on!


We continued our unit on numbers to 120. We will review place value, expanded form, and composing and decomposing a number but this time including the hundreds place. We used a lot of hands on materials to help us learn, including base ten blocks and place value mats and dice.


This week students have been learning about important historical figures through our literary non-fiction stories, brainpop videos and other activities. In particular, we have focused on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. since the holiday is on Monday. Students wrote about a dream that they have for our world.

We also watched this video from the kid president: