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Jenny Nunn -

Statement of Interest

I am responding to your posting for a blended and online learning teacher for your elementary school. Your program through the Humanities position will match perfectly with my skills as an educator. Please read below to see more about my qualifications for this exciting new position.

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Students are busy at work using technology in my class!

Welcome to 21st century learning!


Scheduling online and blended classes with elementary aged students can be a challenge but truly doesn't have to be! I am willing to work with the school’s scheduling committee to set up daily lab rotations for the youngest learners and to create a weekly meeting schedule for the older students. Last year, I created a lab-style course with my own third graders at the beginning of the year and tapered their meetings off toward the end of the year, while providing needed support to struggling learners. Schedules should be flexible and arranged as needed to meet our learners where they are.


I am an effective communicator both in person and online. I listen carefully to the needs and expectations of my employer. I ask questions when I need clarification to be certain that I am completing my assignments effectively. In the 21st Century learning model - more than ever - I find that timeliness and clarity are of utmost importance in communications. This is especially true of written communications. In the role of the Humanities Blended Learning and Online Teacher at your school, I will make certain to respond to email questions from administrators, coworkers, and parents in a timely manner. My responses to student coursework will occur several times a day so that I am up-to-date with all student submissions and grades.

Ensuring student success:

Ensuring student success is the most important aspect of any teacher’s job. In the position of the Humanities Blended and Online Learning teacher, this would be my primary focus as well. In dealing with students of varying ages and grade levels, a wide variety of ability levels, and differing skill levels with technology devices, I will be very careful in addressing student success. My lessons and examples will be clear and concise to allow students to acquire new skills. I will provide clear expectations for students assignments to that they are fully aware of what their assignments entail. Monitoring student progress will be an important aspect of this teaching position. Through careful monitoring of their work and products, I will be able to provide interventions and support to students as needed.

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Jenny E. Nunn

Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Certified PreK-6

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