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Virtual Back to School Conferences

New for 2017-2018

Hudson ISD will participate in the 07/31/2017---08/14/2017 Virtual Back to School Conferences (VBTSC). Principals may select certain courses for you to take or ask you to select your own. Campus administration will have those lists for you. Either way, Region 7 has many choices from core subjects as well as other content areas. All webinars are about 1 hour in length.

How do I get started with VBTSC 2017?

Region 7 has a list of courses under the heading of 7/31-8/14. The following link has written instructions as well as the course numbers. Note the first column expired in June. We will make our selections from the second column until noon on August 14th. Click here for the list of courses and written instructions.

Virtual Back to School Conference Video

The following video is for informational purposes only. Plickers is optional.

Registering for VBTSC 2017


When you receive the email from Region 7, the link to create or login to Canvas is noted in the email. You only have to create an account one time in Canvas. Make note of your passwords. Region 7 uses this learning management system (LMS) for many of their workshops/webinars.
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