The Role of Bacteria in the World

By krishna b.

Good Roles

In the environment-

A lot of bacteria cause diseases, but some also help humans in many ways. The nitrogen fixing bacteria help plants get the form of gas they need to survive and help process photosynthesis.

Cleaning up bacteria-

Some bacteria help clean things like oil spills, and other pollutions, because they feed on them. They are mostly used in farms, and factories.


Some scientists use bacteria to make antibiotics and insulin. So bacteria do help fight other bacteria. All the food we eat like yogurt, cream cheese is made of bacteria. Lactase bacteria are used as preservatives.

Bad Roles

Harmful bacteria AKA Pathogenic bacteria cause diseases by invading a host cell and feed on them. They can be cured by antibiotics. Some diseases are food poisoning, bubonic plague. Not only they attack humans but they also attack plants, protists, and even other bacteria!
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