how to grow a garden, at The Garden

To grow a garden at "The Garden" you first have to know where the garden is.

The craziest thing is, The Garden is in Cleveland Ohio - which is where my Mom is from so I know its not easy to grow a garden there. And since we all know gardens don't just appear, they grow, then they have to come from somewhere. Where do they come from? Seeds. So ...

Step one, you need to buy seeds at a retail store.

Once you buy them, how do you make them grow? You go to a soft patch of dirt were the sun shines(so it can grow better) and plant the seed.

Step three, water the seeds every day and the sun will take care of the rest.

Step four, this is the easy part...Wollah you have a plant.

But having a plant doesn't mean you have a garden. You only have a garden when you complete the final step and that is constantly checking up on your plants so it wont die.

^ the three ^

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Looking at fun and stars!

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locos lost ones

Dear Jake smith

Hi my names Lonnie my new mom is forcing me to write to you for support. About... My parents they died a couple months ago and miss Edna adopted me and someone else adopted my sister lili but that's why im emailing you. Im emailing you because i still cry sometimes.. You know what i don't want support bye.

From lonnie

Dear Lonnie

Hello Lonnie. My name is Jake Smith. I know what you lost, and that you don't want to talk about it. You have gotten over most of it & you became a follower of Jesus Christ the Lord & Holy Spirit, which is good. But I'm here to tell you its fine when you cry sometimes. I know this wont make you feel completely better but when my dog died , Pixie I was sad too i still am & still cry just like you. She was only a year old... Just like how your parents died and you got separated from your sister. Just like how i got separated from from my dog forever... Contact me when you miss them and feel bad are just crying. Contact me at 234 567 8920. Good luck.

From Jake smith