Social Emotional Development

Birth to Age 2


  • quality and intensity of emotional reactions
  • Three areas
  • Passivity - how a child relates to environment.
  • Irritability - how distressed they get.
  • Activity patterns - how much the child moves.


  • The strong bond that develops between people
  • Characteristics
  • smiling
  • cooing
  • crying
  • Separation anxiety
  • child throws gets upset when caregiver leaves

Changes over time

Birth to Three Months

  • general emotions
  • Distress- crying
  • excitement- alert
  • no tears

Three to Six Months

  • Responds to others by smiles and laughter
  • different cries for different types of distress
  • tears
  • separation anxiety begins to appear

Six to Twelve Months

  • become actively involved
  • express happiness, joy, and surprise
  • separation anxiety gets stronger
  • develop fear

Twelve to Twenty-Four Months

  • strong separation anxiety
  • curious
  • take interest in other children
  • awareness of abilities
  • say no for effect