KLL Charleston Riverdogs

Spring 2015

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Raffle Tickets

Each player will receive 5 raffle tickets. You already paid for the tickets when you registered to play this season. You can try and sell the tickets for $ 5 a piece to recoup your money, or you can just fill out the information with your name to try and win one of the $ 100 cash prizes that will be drawn each Friday night starting 4/10.

I would like to have all of these turned in to me by Wednesday 4/8, so that I can get them turned in for the first round of drawings on the 10th. You have to sign to receive the tickets and sign when you turn the tickets back in to me.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Did you see on the Game Changer app / website that our game scheduled has been added? Below is a copy of some the games for the beginning of April.

If you are going to miss any games, please make sure to let coach know so that he can plan accordingly.
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