Peru Adventure

April 26 – May 3

About us

Banafsajeel is a unique cultural platform facilitating the exchange of ideas and inspiration through creative collaborative projects.

Why a Peru trip?

We support artists. Peru is a photography hotspot in Latin America. We decided to arrange an adventurous trip that will have a social and art outcome.
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What is Banafsajeel’s outcome?

his is the pilot project of Banafsajeel. The point is:

  1. The Cross-cultural experience and understanding of Inca civilization
  2. 4-8 Saudi photographers will join us on this trip
  3. We will connect with Latin American photographers and may plan a joint exhibition

I’m not a (real) photographer. Why should I participate?

  1. Travel to a stunning destination – Machu Pichu is one of the world’s 7 wonders
  2. Interested in art and exploring a different culture
  3. Want to support a friend’s social initiative
  4. Step out of your comfort zone – 4 day famous trek of the Inca Trail!

How tough is the Inca trail?

The 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Pichu is rated as “Moderate” with 2 hours of “Challenging” on the 2nd day of the trail. The the main challenge is the altitude and not the inclination. That is why a couple of days of altitude adjustment in the Sacred Valley are important.

What else are we doing?

Since we are travelling so far across the globe, we will take advantage and visit the main must-see locations in beautiful Peru: Lima, the capital, Cusco, the ancient capital, and Sacred Valley.

What preparation is needed?

The only preparation needed is physical, before the Inca Trail. Exercise is essential for your muscles to be stronger and awake, your heart to be healthier and your lungs to work better. Start with 40-minutes walks; increase them by 10 minutes every day up to 4-hours walks. Take a light pack and choose pleasant trails – time will fly

What’s next?

For more information, the detailed itinerary, info for Visa requirements , and all items you need for the trek email or register your interest and book a spot before January 10, 2015.