Do you know anything about Russia? Well here is some information about Russia. Russia is one of the biggest countries around the world. Russia is the home to 144 million people. The capital of this big country is Moscow.

The biome of Russia is mostly tundras and forest. One typical animal and also the national animal is the bear. At least half of Russia is covered by snow or ice. The money in Russia is called Russian ruble.The government of Russia is Federal Semi-Presidential Republic. If you ever get to visit Russia try to visit these places Red Square, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, and the monument of Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt.

Some other information is that Russia has not won a world cup. Russia will also host the World Cup 2018. One of the best goalies in Russia is Igor Akinfeev. Akinfeev plays for CSKA Moscow

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Tourist Destination

Red Square, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Monument of Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt
National Anthem of Russia | Государственный гимн России