December Team Catch Up!

Monday, December 7th!

Bling in the Holidays!

Some tips to make the most of December AND a look back at an AMAZING November!!!



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#1 Pay attention to 12 days of Stella!

Home Office is giving us everything we need to get back on track after crazy November—they are laying it out for us! Check the daily emails arriving in your inbox! Let me know if you see a TIP from anyone you know ;)

#2 Print out 2242 again!

CONSISTENCY is key in this business! Can you imagine if you made 2 contacts a day to move your business forward where you would be this time next year!
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# 3 Book in Tight

Keep calling and reaching out. Who to reach out to? Ladies who said not in fall, all past customers (do a customer care call to check in their deliveries).

#4 Schedule your Holiday open house

Remember- stylist may collect the Hostess rewards on 2 DOUBLE DIP shows a CALENDAR year. That is TWICE a CALENDAR year-- not two times during your anniversary year!

Today, I just planned a 3 day long Open house at my home starting this Wednesday! Maybe offer raffle prize for all who shop … invite via INVITE system, email to customer database, social media, red stamp invites around neighborhood, co-workers, etc.

#5 Corporate gifting

Who needs buy gifts...your dentist, pediatrician, real estate agent, etc. Are you offering this shopping service?

#6 Personal shopping appointments

Be that Holiday Helper by setting up a couple hours where you can offer personal shopping appointments.

# 7 Stay joyful and share it

Wear your sparkles all through holidays, be loud and proud...offer gifting, etc. Carry that tote of jewels around, look books in your bad and be ready to offer your services. Opportunities are EVERYWHERE for booking and sponsoring!

# 8 Office Trunk shows

BLING in the BREAKROOM. Think office shows. Requires no lead time!

Who do you know that works in a office? Teacher with teacher's lounge? Nurse with break room?

Welcome to the All-STARS Team!!!

We have welcomed lots of wonderful NEW STYLISTS to our Team in November!!!

Theresa Furey, our FIRST International Team Member!!!!! (Lisa Furey)

Ursla Gallagher (Christy Alexander)

Jennifer Pitre (Christy Alexander)

Dotti Davidson (Christy Alexander)

Ashley Kemp (Nichole Davis)

Leeann Adkins (Christy Alexander)

Victoria Cannizzo (Nicole Walsh)

Ladies, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR JUMPSTART!!!! Hit that $1000 sales mark in your first 30 days to EARN $200 in Product Credit!! Then, you will be earning 10%-20% of all of your sales through Day 60 BACK IN PRODUCT CREDITS!!!!!


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CONGRATS on an AMAZING November!!

Our All-STARS team celebrated 5 promotions in November!!



Christy Alexander, SENIOR STYLIST

Christy Alexander, *STAR* STYLIST

Nicole Walsh, DIRECTOR


We MORE THAN TRIPLED our sales volume from November 2014...that is INCREDIBLE!!! Just think, next November will be EVEN BIGGER for you & your business!!!

DOUBLE STELLAR SELLERS {35% commission & $200 in product credit!!}

Christy Alexander, $10,918 !!!!!

Nicole Walsh, $10, 682

30% Commission

Dana Schneider, $4,674

Liz Lynch. $4646

Lindsay Mulshine, $4,435

Jennifer Dombrowski, $3,796

Lisa Furey, $3,396

Victoria Cannizzo, $2,802

Joanna Oszeycik, $2692

Emily Righter, $2,596

Leeann Adkins, $2,574

Nichole Davis, $2,341


Catie Garofalo, $2,086

Angela Burr, $1,826

Jordan Lusby, $1,779

Amy Sewell, $1,403

Tina Kelly-Nerelli, $1,023

Chelsea Lawson, $1,005

Kelly Pompeo, $757

Hayley Lamendola, $746

Rachel Olszewski, $697

Jenna Moulton, $639

Lauren Roche, $607

Rashmi Ray, $561

Kerry Sarault, $520

Colette Pastore, $509

Christine McGregor, $504

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

We have LOTS of Winners to Announce!!!

TURKEY TROT WINNER... A Gift Card to the Restaurant of Your Choice goes to....

Jennifer Dombrowski!!!! Ill send you a pm!

Our MONTHLY Sponsoring $100 CASH Bonus Prize goes to...

Lisa Furey!!!!!

*This is a challenge monthly for our team, through June 2016, EVERY month that we add 5 or more NEW Stylists to our team, we do a drawing for $100 CASH for one of the Stylists who sponsored that month!!!!!


Monday, Dec. 14th, 7-10pm

205 Mall Boulevard

King of Prussia, PA

Fun with fellow Stylists, HEAVY Apps, One Alcoholic Beverage included, LOTS OF STELLABRATING!!!!

Rsvp here,