DMS-Effective Inventory Management

Dealer Management Systems for Effective Inventory Management

Automotive companies are usually spread out across the length and breadth of a vast geographical region. Goods – spares, finished products etc., ought to move from one place to another to ensure that the final delivery takes place without a lot of hassle for the consumer. This is like a carefully coordinated sequence such that goods don’t pile up at one end while the other end is faced with a crunch.

Therefore, to ensure that the goods coming in and going out of an organization most companies now employ an inventory management system. There are a number of inventory management software/systems that can be used to meet organizational needs based on size, complexity and other factors of the inventory and supply chain management process. However, a dealership management software that has within its ambit an inventory management modules meets all the store/spare parts inventory management needs is a better option for the dealers.

How does DMS help Inventory Management in a Used Cars Business?

The automotive dealership business is immensely competitive one. Inventory management through DMS helps a dealership run efficiently and boosts company revenue. Some of the aspects of DMS inventory management that can greatly improve an organizations efficiency include:
• Improved tracking mechanism
• Inventory classifications
• Auto placement of orders

Automotive dealers also have to contend with stocking errors, incentives as well as margins. An excellent dealership management software has enough inventory software to help you take the guesswork out of inventory management.

A good dealer inventory management software system enables the dealer to extract data directly from the origin. The system analyses this data and presents it in an ready to use format. DMS also offers you tools to take simple inventory data and add description, photos and videos to enable you to promote your cars online. Other tools such as vehicle listing software, online inventory distribution, digital paperwork and expense tracking also serve to boost your car sales and company revenue.

About Excellon

Excellon 5 is an end-to-end, next-generation dealer management software that delves into cloud capabilities to deliver a much more robust and on-demand platform. The in-built features come with intuitive capabilities to deliver a great customer experience. For the dealers, it helps improve efficiencies, create better resource management and deliver improving profits for the shareholders. The company is squarely focussed on innovation and excellence with both facets contributing to the continued success.