March 19, 2021

Message from Principal Cullinane

Dear Students and Families -

If you have not reviewed the letter or answered the survey about our full return to school, please do so at your earliest convenience. The survey is due by the end of day Monday and the data from that survey will be integral to our planning. We plan to send an additional communication out to families early next week that gives more details around what the remote learning model will look like, and we will follow that up with an additional survey for folks who would like a final opportunity to switch from one model to another.

We appreciate your partnership with us as we transition to another learning model yet again this school year. We are working very hard and very quickly to make this as smooth as possible for students, families, and staff. Our goal remains to keep teachers and classes intact and as consistent as possible, as has been our goal all year.

Steve Cullinane

Interim Principal

From the Guidance Department

Attention students and parents. It is hard to believe, but we have already begun planning for next year and one of the most important steps for that is to get course registrations so we can build your student schedules for the 2021-2022 school year. Right now your teachers are considering what levels and classes to recommend you take next year, and we encourage you to review the Program of Studies so that you best understand all the options available to you. We will be doing course sign-ups all together on Wednesday, March 31st, details will be forthcoming. Be on the lookout next Friday, March 26th for a letter with registration details.

From the Athletic Director's Office

REMINDER: The Nashoba Regional School District has decided to replace its Chieftain moniker with a new mascot and we’d like our community’s input. Community voice and input have been important components of the transition process as we work to collectively identify a mascot that most appropriately represents who we are as a Nashoba community. We have provided background information on this process to date for your information below. At this time, we are seeking input from all community members through a Final Mascot Survey. We’ll be accepting responses between March 10-24th indicating your preference via this final survey. The survey results will be used to help inform the committee on choosing the next mascot.

Online Event for the Community

The Perkins Conroy Speakers Series presents

Cultivating Resilience During Complex Times

with Dr. Kris

Thursday, April 6 - 8 PM

a FREE online event

The global pandemic and escalating mental health crises can take their toll. Resilience is a process of positive adaptation in the face of hardship. As humans, we are wired for it – capable of navigating complexity, remaining agile, and demonstrating optimism. Modern brain science offers a host of strategies for cultivating resilience by leveraging “protective factors” –adopting and practicing mindsets, behaviors, and activities that serve as buffers and help bolster our well-being. Learn ways to engage in self-care that helps nourish and sustain us during intensive times.

We hope you'll join us for the spring installment of the Conroy Speakers Series (online), featuring internationally recognized, award-winning behavioral science professor, clinician, author, and activist, Dr. Kristen Lee!

About Dr. Kristen Lee

Dr. Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW (she/her), known as “Dr. Kris”, is an internationally recognized, award-winning behavioral science professor, clinician, author, and activist from Boston, Massachusetts. As the Lead Faculty for Behavioral Science and Faculty-in-Residence at Northeastern University, Dr. Kris's research and teaching interests include individual and organizational well-being and resilience, particularly for marginalized and underserved populations. To learn more, visit or the Conroy Speakers Series page on our website.

Register Now!

An email with the event link will be sent to you prior to the event.

All Conroy Speakers Series events are FREE! Let a friend know and

stay tuned for our next installment of the Conroy Speakers Series!

From Nashoba Tri-M


A fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

Sponsored by the NRHS Tri-M Music Honor Society

Friday, March 26 @ 6pm - Saturday, March 27 @ 6pm

Streaming Live on:

StowTV YouTube

Nashoba Friends of Music Facebook Page

Help Nashboba’s Tri-M Music Honor Society raise money for the American Cancer Society by attending their first 24-hour Rock-a-Thon VIRTUALLY on Friday, March 26th @ 6pm - Saturday, March 27th @ 6pm. Donations can be made to our *Relay for Life team page.

*Relay for Life is an annual fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

The Rock-a-Thon will feature performances by music students, Nashoba students, alumni, and members from our community as well as music trivia and special podcasts about different music topics - schedule to come!

Interested in participating?

Submit a video of you performing by Friday, March 19: CLICK HERE!

Interested in donating?

Contribute to our Relay team Walking Bass Line: DONATE HERE!

Looking for more information?

Check out our Rockathon website: MORE INFO HERE!

Contact Rachel Glenister for more information/questions: