Best Gynecomastia Treatment

Treatment For Gynecomastia

The Role Of Counseling In Treatment Of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia may not be a severe disorder in terms of normal functioning of the human body, but most of the times, it leads to massive mental blockage in patients. The end results are almost always depression and a halt to the normal routine life. This disease also lowers self esteem and the patient is left with very low confidence levels. So it looks like the major part of the disease can be dealt with some form of counseling – both from family and friends and also if needed a professional psychiatrist.

The most common tried and tested treatment method is cosmetic surgery. But this again has many risks associated with it, since it is a reconstruction surgery. The time taken for healing is also pretty long and there is no guarantee that the patient will get back his normal structure after all the fat has been removed.

There are 2 medicines that are being widely used and can be called the best Gynecomastia treatment method currently. Tamoxifen is mostly used to treat painful Gynecomastia in adults- which most of the time result from Prostate cancer. Another very effective oral medication is Danazol that is marketed under the name of Danocrine in the United States. Since there are several minor side effects to this drug, the doctors would not prescribe this drug for more than six months at a stretch.

But whichever treatment method is selected, it is very important that it is clubbed with a few sessions of psycho therapy or mental counseling. It is very important to seek expert advice in this matter. Not only does it lead to a healthy mind, it will also boost confidence in patients. A strict exercise regime and diet plan is also included along with these therapies. All these taken together can definitely give very good results even in chronic Gynecomastia patients.