Travel To Canada!

(Because it's a great place)

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Why Go to Canada?

Most Canadians live in cities or town located along the southern border near the U.S because it's warm. Canada's location causes it to be a leader in world trade. Canada is in the middle of three oceans: The Pacific, Atlantic, and the Arctic. This allows it to trade with Europe and Asia. Canada also gets to trade with the US freely without tariffs because of NAFTA. there are also excellent railways that carry goods to either coast, and because of the St.Lawrence and the great lakes provide routes from central Canada to the Atlantic Ocean. The southern part of Canada is also a great place for agriculture. In conclusion, Canada has it's ups and downs.

Canada's History

Canada is mostly made up of 2 races; the British and French.This is because the French colonized Canada and the British won Canada's land from France because of the French and Indian war which took place in 1754. This made Britain take control of most of Canada. Canada still let the French stay and practice their customs and speak their language. Canada now has two main religions which are Roman Catholic and Christianity.

Don't want to go to Canada ? Try Quebec!( If it gets to be independent)

Before the French and Indian war, Quebec was under French rule.Nowadays, Quebec is still packed with French heritage. This heritage has started an independence movement from Quebec to get independence from Canada. Separatists claim that being part of Canada endangers this French heritage. To preserve this heritage and have a government that pays attention to their interests, they are trying to get independent, but the future of Quebec may also be endangered if they get independent. Canada has a already structured government for them and give them protection. Also, the resources in Quebec might be used up in 20 years.