How to Try Out a DON Position

The more responsibility taken on by a nurse translates

How to Try Out a DON Position

Nursing is a varied and challenging career with several possibilities. A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) has the opportunity to work in many different settings. Schools, hospitals, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes are just a few examples. Selecting a different setting or job capacity will prevent burnout and make the job interesting.

As nurses gain experience and continue their education more options become available. An experienced RN can take a job as a charge nurse. The responsibilities will be new and include more of the administrative duties of a shift. Once in higher positions nurses may discover they are not suited to different responsibilities.


The more responsibility taken on by a nurse translates into less one-on-one time with patients. A charge nurse will not have the time to pass out medications to as many people on the floor. If interactions with patients is the most enjoyable part of the job, a higher position is not necessarily going to be better. That fact keeps many nurses from taking that next step up the career ladder.

Duties of Nursing Home Directors of Nursing consist of supervising nursing staff, discussing medical problems and treatment plans with doctors, and doing intake assessments on new patients. They are also in charge of scheduling nurses, making sure credentials and certifications are current, and speaking with the nurses to determine if any medical issues need to be addressed with the doctor. A Director of Nursing in Long Term Care facilities also submits reports, testifies in court in the event of legal action, and works with other department directors in the facility to ensure consistence of care.

A Temporary Placement

Due to the shortage of experienced nurses who qualify for DON Jobs in California, facilities will often hire people for the position on an interim basis. This is typically done through a recruiting agency that is dedicated to filling healthcare vacancies. The contract can be for three months, six months, a year, or sometimes longer. This is a perfect way to try out the position to determine if it is right for you.

There is no long-term commitment and professionals can take the opportunity to travel and learn how other facilities operate. Opportunities for DON jobs in CA are not the only location available. Nurses are needed in several states along the West Coast and further inland. Make an appointment with an agency to learn more about the options and begin the registration process for access to jobs nationwide.