Return to face-to-face instruction

CKHS UPDATE 1/7/2021

Dear Parents/Guardians, and Students,

As we return to a partial face-to-face phase, otherwise known as Hybrid, we thought it was important to re-publish some information from earlier this year. Below you will find many things you may have already read, but that would have been way back at the beginning of the school year. That seems like a long time ago! As always, please call the main office at the high school if you have any questions.

Return to School: Hybrid Learning Plan January, 2021

In keeping with the Department of Education's guidelines, the Claysburg Kimmel School District will offer in person classes on a hybrid basis. The hybrid plan will be in place for the foreseeable future...

·CKHS Students will attend school, in person, 4 days a week

A student's stay-at-home, or “off" day will be determined by their last name.

* A – Cla (stay home Mondays)

* Cle – G (stay home Tuesdays)

* H – Ma (stay home Wednesdays)

* Mc – Ri (stay home Thursdays)

* Ro – Z (stay home Fridays)

During stay-at-home "off" days students will be doing remote learning which may include paper and pencil learning activities and use of the Zoom app on their iPads to watch a live stream of the classroom.

If a household has students with different last names and are not in the same range above, for example A – Cla and one student has last name beginning with T, those households will have the option of coming in at either assigned grouping. Families with this situation are asked to contact the school office to indicate their preference

It is important to note that we are returning to the regular bell schedule, so when students are logging in from home, they must do so according to the bell schedule, which has classes beginning at 7:56 AM. Please see below for the bell schedule.

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Before School Precautions

Parents are requested to take their child’s temperature before each school day in the morning

If your child presents COVID symptoms, he/she should remain at home and parents/guardians are advised to consult the child’s physician


Students are reminded that they MUST log on to their student account between the hours of 6:00 AM and 9:30 AM to record their attendance for the day that they are working from home according to their cohort. Students who do not record their absence will be marked absent-unexcused for the day. We stress that recording their attendance is an important step in the student virtual day.

The school day begins at 8:00 AM

Virtual days are school days, and absences require excuses in the same way that an absence on a face-to-face day would require one

Even though a student logs in and records their daily attendance, each teacher will be accounting for the students on their rosters each period.

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Absence Excuse Portal

When students are absent from school, whether is is a day they are supposed to be attending virtually or a day in person, we still require written excuses for all student absences.

We have created a way parents/guardians can submit excuses electronically, and this online form may be used in all cases, whether a student is in person or remote.

Parents will log on to and fill in the fields within.

After an excuse is submitted, an e-mail receipt will be sent to the parent/guardian.

We will audit the excuses, and may randomly call home to check the validity of the excuses. We may also require additional written information in support of the excuse.

To access the portal, parents/guardians simply need to go to the school district website and click on the "Students/Parents" tab at the top of the page. A pull down menu will appear, and the first item is "HS Absence Excusal." Click on the link and you will be directed to an online form to complete.

Student Arrival to School and Bus Drop Off

Students who ride a bus to school will be dropped off behind the school building and will enter the school through the cafeteria hallway entrance as usual.

Parent drop off will be along Bedford Street and occur between 7:15 AM and 7:35 AM.

Parents are strongly discouraged from dropping students off prior to 7:15 AM. The doors to the high school entrances will not be unlocked before 7:15 AM.

When students arrive to school they are to report directly to their homeroom, after receiving their "grab and go" breakfast. (see section below)

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Students who are picked up via private transportation will do so from the main office lobby.

On any given day, parents signing out and picking up their child will do so at the main entrance. Parents will wait outside until the student is called for dismissal


Grab and Go breakfast will be served daily, upon arrival to school

· A grab and go breakfast kiosk will be available on each floor

· Students will eat in classrooms between arrival time and 7:52 AM.


Students will continue to eat in three different lunch periods

· Seating remains altered to reduce proximity between students

Hallways and Class Changes

When possible, students and staff will walk on the right side of the hallway

Students and staff will be required to wear shields/masks at all times, including when in the hallway

We will continue the implementation of the new electronic hall pass system.

Restrooms and Leaving Class

Students will be permitted to go to the restroom when needed

Custodians will sanitize restrooms throughout school day and every evening

Students are encouraged to limit their requests to leave the classroom to visit other classrooms or other parts of the school, and may be denied based upon reason and number of students already out of the classrooms


A variety of district communication systems (School Messenger, social media, etc.) continues to be used to notify staff, families, and the public of any school closures and within-school-year changes to safety protocols

NOTE: Grades 7 – 12 will also use MS Teams to communicate with households


For early dismissals, parents will enter the vestibule and use computer to have their student dismissed; the student will then be called down by the building secretary for dismissal

· There will continue to be a pause on having field trips for the foreseeable future

· Consideration for field trips will be taken in the spring semester depending on current situation

· Information on use of athletic facilities will be distributed by the athletic department

· No after-school activities/clubs

· No large group face-to-face assemblies

· No class parties or snacks brought in on birthdays

· School assemblies will be virtual

· No classroom/school volunteers or visitors

· No large-scale face-to-face community events

· IEP, GIEP, or parent meetings will be phone, virtual, or face to face depending on the situation

· Parent-Teacher Conferences may be held remotely via phone or video conference

Technology Assistance

As always, the tech help line is available at 239-0348 for technology related questions/help. You may also e-mail tech support at:


For the week of January 11, the GACTC remains in virtual mode. So, CK students will attend school at CK according to their cohort, and then be dismissed at 11:30 to return home so they may log on to the GACTC virtual instruction. Students may either provide their own transportation home, or ride the 11:30 AM bus home. More information will be forthcoming with regard to the return to face-to-face instruction at GACTC