A Quick Note

I sure enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you all for parent teacher conferences. I love getting to know the parents behind these awesome kids, as well as the insights you are able to offer so that I can best meet their needs. Thank you for all that you do! Have a wonderful holiday break!

Our PEAK Day

Theme Study~Bright Ideas

The kids have jumped in to their note-taking and are off to a fabulous start. They have started with research on the invention itself, using the note-taking strategies and format that I shared with you at conferences. We will begin a project and writing activity to share the information shortly after break.

"Hour of Code"

We enjoyed gathering with the older PEAK students for the nation-wide "Hour of Code". We used materials (robots and other things) from our new DIY lab, as well as, along with some other coding apps and offered kids lots of choice in how they wanted to spend their time developing their "coding" skills. There are some pictures below. It was pretty awesome! I couldn't tear them away...I think ours definitely turned in to two hours of code. ;)

Enrichment Centers

Math: Students work hard as they push through difficult math problem solving. We continue to emphasize perseverance! The kids are working at their own pace through the problems, skipping problems as they demonstrate mastery, and getting assistance from me any time they need it. Most kids are working through the strategies of guess and check, make a table or chart, and find a pattern.

Topic Study: In topic study, the kids are reading and learning all about their chosen topics as they try to acquire knowledge to answer their essential questions. They are jotting down notes with the headings that help to answer those questions. We are working through the "remember" level of Bloom's Taxonomy as we name, list, describe, etc. things about our topics. We will continue to work through the deeper levels of thinking as we progress.

Science: The kids have continued to work through the scientific method, engaging in experiments with each of the simple machines. They are doing a great job learning to write hypotheses and conclusions as well as continuously developing their inquiry skills. Each have chosen a different simple machine to make using K'Nex and will begin building and conducting experiments with those. It is a great project for those spatial thinkers...and for those of us that are not~it helps to build those skills.

Personal Growth and Development/Creativity

We had some great discussions on to be a good friend and ways to make friends.

We work hard during all of our group work to show great signs of teamwork and perseverance.

In Action

"Hour of Code"

Science Experiments

Building Simple Machines

Big image

Researchers...Hard at Work