Cortez Spy Report

End of the Year Edition

Important Lower Pottsgrove Upcoming Dates

Monday June 6th - Awards Ceremony in the classroom at 2:15 - Join us in celebrating the students' growth!

June 14th, 15th, and 16th - Half Days for Students
June 16th - Last Day for Students


We will have math homework each day next week in order to prepare for our final math test of Unit 11. Please encourage your child to continue reading and practicing those math facts!


6/6 - Day 4 - Art
6/7 - Day 5 - Music
6/8 - Day 6 - Computers
6/9 - Day 1 - P.E.
6/10 - Day 2 - Library (Please send in all books and / or fines by this date!)
6/13 - Day 3 - Health
6/14 - Day 4 - Art
6/15 - Day 5 - Music
6/16 - Day 6 - Computers

We Love Math!!!

We are working hard in Unit 11 learning about weight, volume, capacity and other ways to measure matter. It's a fun way to end out the school year! We will also review positive and negative integers (from Unit 10) and how to add and subtract them.

Our math test is scheduled for Friday June 10th. Look for a review packet to go home on Wednesday.

ELA / Social Studies

We have completed our Mythology Unit and our Informative Essays!!!! We will be using our close reading skills (that we worked to develop all year!) to analyze and evaluate PA history through the genres of biographies and articles.


During these last two weeks of school we will be completing our final Science Unit; Our Solar System. I promised the students they wouldn't have to do a project with foam balls... I am looking into a fun way for them demonstrate their learning. :)