The Utopia


A Breif Run Down of the Payment and Tax System.

I wanted to focus on this because mo money, mo problems. But this seemed to me like this biggest problem in our word that I would like to fix. So everyone gets paid the same cushy amount of 92,500 dollars. "But, Jacob how does this solve the problems, you said yourself that mo money is mo problems". Yes but every pays the same on taxes so, not just a certain group of people or targeted during tax season. And when you buy groceries and gas and teleport some of that money goes to the government. Oh and the money is all defaced and cool looking. For example the picture to the left, and there was this one that is saw, a guy turned Washington into Yoda. And another one of Jefferson into Bill Murray.

Our Version of the Ten Commandments

Rules 1-10

  1. Do not lie

  2. Be true to yourself and others

  3. Treat others how you want to be treated

  4. Do not cheat

  5. Respect all things

  6. Be educated

  7. Think before you talk or do

  8. Have morals

  9. Respect others beliefs and expect others to respect yours

  10. Everyone is equal no one is lower or higher and we hold ourselves and others to their highest

Our Map of The Utopia.

This is a very old map found in the archives of the Utopia's great libraries. It is divided up into different biome's. Like in the movie Zootopia. So you have the tundra and the desert and the jungle, ect. all in one place. And transportation is quite simple, you teleport. You type in the coordinates to a transportation pod closest to your destination.