Peanuts to Peanut Butter

By: Gemma Kalena Bingham


Peanuts are planted on farms. After the last frost. The seed forms a shell and in that shell is a nut. Then the nuts are harvested into a machine.


They are taken to a factory and get crushed . They also get their sells removed. They get dried . Then they are taken to another factory. Other things are added. Then they are paged into jars.


It is put on shelves. People buy it. They use it and eat it. They use it on many things. Like sandwiches and toast.

Fun Facts

All the kinds of peanuts are grown in Texas. They are very healthy. They are grown mostly in the U.S.A.


So did you like it? Well if you did I hope you learned a lot. I hope you have a good day.
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