Cold War Delayed

Some say there were 'multiple delay factors.'

What was the Cold War?

The Cold War the state of political hostility that existed between the Soviet Communist countries and the US led non- communist Western powers from 1945 to 1990. This War was a war delayed by many nations, people, and events that shaped the ending to the Cold War, but at the same time kept steady. Those factors where: United Nations, The Formation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, Fidel Castro, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Vietnam War, Afghanistan, The Cultural Revolution, and The Iron Curtain.
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Cuban Missile Crisis in 5 Minutes
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Vietnam War - Simplified!


Along with the other communist nations, Afghanistan was a continuation to what they were trying to accomplish, which was to spread Communism. The leader was trying to Westernize the country, but most of Afghanistan had a different opinion. This led to revolts against the leaders and the formation of guerilla type forces. Afghanistan delayed the Cold War because it continued the efforts of what Cuba and other Communist nations were trying to do.
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The Cultural Revolution

Mao Zedong led the cultural revolution in order to gain authority over the Chinese government because he believed what they were doing was wrong. This led to the uprising of school children as an army roused up through the use of red books that taught that Communism was the way and some other morals that should be learned that Mao Zedong approved. With the Cultural Revolution, the spread of Communism was being spread even more now, and the influence was reaching the children and teens of the nation to rise up as one and revolt for Communism.
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The Iron Curtain

The Iron curtain split up Europe and Russia due to constant conflict and separated them into their own regions. Having the Iron Curtain gave a way to potentially stop conflict but also spark the flame too. Having split up the nations would allow each region to do what they wanted to do, but if they disagreed then they would probably have another dispute about something.
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