Kaylee Geiser and Marissa Hackl

What is it?

A system of government that was based solely on your rank in society. It was developed by William the Conqueror and the Normans. The kings were the head of this type of political system. They granted land to barons in exchange for soldiers. Barons allowed knights to own their own land if they swore an oath stating their loyalty and devotion to serve in battle as necessary. Barons were in charge of small communities, kind of like a mayor. Knights gave serfs land for farming, but they expected gifts as their pay. By that, meaning money and goods. Basically the more power you had/the higher social ranking you had, the more benefits you received.

Why was it Created?

Feudalism was developed because William the Conqueror was having trouble keeping up with the maintenance of the land and he could not control the chaos among his peoples. He created this government hoping that it would bring peace throughout the kingdom and provide the people with fertile land and many goods.

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This type of government was very successful in its time. It provided the kingdom with peace and it was able to provide a niche for every person in the kingdom. Also, it made people feel like they had value because the kingdom could not function without every person pulling their own weight.

Future Ideas

When developing communism, it is said that Marx referenced many ideas that were part of the makeup of feudalism. He basically made his government the opposite, where everyone was considered "equal," however it was not successful for him. Without feudalism it is possible that communism would have not been created.
System of Feudalism


Essential Questions

Why did the feudal system thrive in Europe during the Middle Ages?

Why did the feudalism develop in Europe?