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Kenya is a great place to take holiday as it gives you may chances to have the very best at some of the most beautiful locations ever found on the globe. One of the most celebrated destinations in Kenya is actually Mombasa. It is a city that is second only to Nairobi that offers some of the most outstanding experiences than other areas in Kenya.

Mombasa experiences good weather making it a haven for all sun seekers who visit the country. It is important to plan ahead and know a thing or two about the historical city so as to know what to expect. While in Mombasa, there are places that you should never miss and you should make arrangements so as to have the best experience ever. Mombasa is not only about the holiday packages, it is also a very important economic ground especially because it is in the Indian Ocean.

Mombasa attracts a very great number of tourists every year. It is an area that is easily accessible by air as well as land from various places in the globe although in some cases it may be necessary to first land in Nairobi before getting a connecting flight to Mombasa. The weather is quite hot and humid but is generally tropical. It is a place where you can enjoy nightlife at clubs and discotheques that are scattered all over the place.

It is also an ideal place for local explorations especially for all the people who love some bit of adventure. You can enjoy activities such as trekking, biking as well as hiking while in the area. It has all the facilities that may be needed for any given holiday such as restaurants as well s hotels for accommodation purposes.

One of the prime areas to visit while in Mombasa is fort Jesus. It used to be a town associated with the Portuguese. Many people love this destination and visit it in thousands every year. The walls are high and it can be called a museum only that it is an open air kind of museum. There are narrow streets here where you can get many coffee shops giving the very best in local coffee. There are also many curio shops where you can get artifacts.

There are many beach areas where you can enjoy yourself greatly while in the region. One of the most popular is Diani as well as Bamburi. You can experience things that will live in your memory for a lifetime.

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